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New version available on Google Play

-Changed layout for mobile Counter Light
-Support Android Wear 2.0
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How can I set unlimited WiFi? There Seems to be no way of doing it that I can find.


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New application NET | Internet Monitor is available in Google Play. It is the same application like Mobile Counter but with white GUI.

Appreciate your efforts in this application, hopefully you will continue to maintain it. Thanks

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New version 1.6.5
What's new:
Improve couting on some devices with android 5.0

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New version Mobile Counter available

What's new:
- unlock plan configuration for all for free
- add setup wizard when install app 1st time
- fixed issues

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Below activation codes to activate PREMIUM for FREE!!!!
Codes for the fastest users.





How to use code:
In Google Play application on device select in left menu option to enter promotion code OR in Mobile Counter app select 'Premium' in left menu and choose 'PREMIUM'. Next enter code in Google payment dialog

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