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I just want to say, if I see any sign of bullying you will be kicked out and blocked from the community, I am strongly against all types of bullying. I created this community for people who love what they do and want to live up to their dreams. No matter what it is x

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Agh! #BlackMagic by Little Mix....

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Best bass drop
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Boundless-Pegboard Nerds
Surface-Aero Chord
Other-If so, name it in the comments

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Check out the un-remixed version:
Check out Monstercat`s channel:
Sorry Pegboard and Excision, but the drop is much better now!!!

Anyone like EDM?

Music is life all I do is sing and I love it, and I also play softball.

Hey, changing the name of this to Star School, as I don't want this to look like it's just singing ☺️ please invite people and share the community 💕
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