Name: Lady Paleflower Thorn (or just Lady Thorn)

Species: Badger

Weapon: Mainly a single-bladed battle axe, though she keeps a long dagger at her side at all times.

Appearance: A slim, not particularly tall badger who wears a blue tunic with red sleeves. Lady Thorn has dark blue-grey eyes, unusual for a badger.

Lives: Salamandastron, but often patrols the surrounding areas herself, accompanied by some hares.

Personality: Lady Thorn is very gentle and kind, and is a creature of great knowledge and learning. But if any vermin horde dare to sully Mossflower with their dirty paws, her skill and fierceness in battle are almost without equal.

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While traveling in Mossflower country, you find a village under attack

What do i do

Name:Waterford Mystery

species: Otter

Relatives:his twin vixen sister Marble,his younger otter bro River, and his older vixen sister Flask

Items:map, flute, logbook, flint,sword,hidden blade,crossbow

Likes:mysterys, his family,Blossomberry

Dislikes:not being able to solve something, when his crossbow jams, tedious events

Appearance: a burly young otter with deep azure eyes and Emerald glasses. Sometimes wears a bandana

Home:he travels with his friends and family, but where they work/live is in Mossflower

Is there a specific format for redwall characters?

Name: Colonel Rastabanu Harjanei Marelliano Firblade
Species: Hare
Lives: Salamandastron
Weapon: Broadsword, longbow, short knife
Looks: Enourmous silvery white male hare, intelligent green eyes, muscular build
Personality: A bit psycho, loves shooting things, brave,  strong, really fast
Extra: He's in the Long Patrol

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