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When you let Arthur Run a rock dinner...

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Samantha Evan Jones
Country : California
Likes,cooking,eating,reading and making stuff
Dislikes bugs,bullies and math.
Samantha is making a wooden carving in wood works class (seems to look like steam punk goggles )

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Wonderland: Hello, Mr. Austria, Dear.
Can you please explain this?!
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(Only rules: No magic/gods/goddesses stuff like that, and canon characters, please.)

A new student arrives at the school. He looks very young judging by his height. Why isn't he showing his face? The only thing that is seen in terms of a face is a plague doctor mask. His clothes are torn and ripped apart, with the only clothes on him being a dark, aged, grey vest and shorts cut at the thighs. He wears nothing on his bruised feet. Judging by his posture, his clasped hands at his waist, twiddling his thumbs, he seems shy. "Class, this is..." The teacher starts, but he is interrupted by the boy tugging on his sleeve. He makes a few hand gestures. Not knowing much sign language, the teacher calls for a translator. Luckily, one student says, "He's saying that he doesn't know what you said. ...He also said that he is deaf." Some students gasp a little.

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((Looking for a Middle school or first year highschool Alfred F. Jones!))
For as long as you can remember, you Alfred F. Jones have had no real parents it was just Alice. When you were 5 and alice was around 12 your parents disappeared. So Alice did everything she could to make sure the small apartment was paid for and food. And fun stuff for you to do. She would work herself half to death. And you always caused her more and more trouble. When you ere younger you broke everything and wrote on the walls with marker and crayon. So when she got home she'd have to clean up your mess and make you dinner. The food was terrible because she couldn't cook but you ate it to make her feel better. Now a days you still cause trouble. And your really starting to see Alice 's struggle. But you don't know what to do. She insists she's fine but she always falls asleep when something isn't there to keep her awake. Sometimes she comes back from work bear up or missing cloth. Plus she's doing highschool. And your in middle school. You been living a pretty normal life thanks to Alice Kirkland. But you never knew why your last names were different. Adoption never accrued to you until now.
"Alfred! Hurry!" Alice yelled from the kitchen. You smelled smoke so you presume she burnt the food. Again...

((Sorry of I failed at trying to find a middle school or early highschool year of Alfred best I could get was a cowboy and a pocky stick XD))
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An unfortunate guest walks into the E-135 classroom. Everyone stammers and turns completely pale at the guest. The guest has one icy-blue eye with the other eye is covered by a black eyepatch. He has blond hair that seems messy in the front, smooth at the crown, while at the posterior hairline, his hair is ragged and uneven. He wears a šajkača on his head. He wears the Gakuen winter uniform, but he wears a black jelek, a waistcoat with fur, which is unfortunate because he is a man and not a woman. There is a slight scar peeking from the eye-patch. Everyone knew who this man was and they did not like the fact that he was there. The most dangerous, the most violent nation had come to the E-135 classroom. Vukasin Knežević, otherwise known as Serbia.

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⭐*Country/City/State Information*⭐

⭐Official City/State/Country Name: The commonwealth of Puerto Rico⭐

⭐Nickname(s): Rich Port⭐

⭐Languages: Spanish is the main language⭐

⭐Government: Republican Democratic⭐

⭐Current Leader: Barack Obama and Alehandro García Padilla⭐

⭐Flag: Similar to the Cuban flag but the red and the blue are switched⭐

⭐Coat of arms: The predominant color on the background is the green, it is known that this color was used at the beginnings of the Christian era in allusion to Saint John the Baptist, as a symbol of the grass or vegetation when he would preach in the deserted jungle of Judea. Within the background there is a white lamb on top of the Book of Revelations, holding the seven seals of The Apocalypse of Saint John the Apostle. The lamb represents purity which corresponds to the figure of the Lamb of God, the Agnus dei, identified as Jesus Christ. The lamb holds a white flag with a red cross, the "Cross of Jerusalem" used by the monarchs to expel the "non-Christians" from the Spanish peninsula.

The rim is covered by 16 symbols: 4 castles signifying the "Kingdom of Castilla", 4 lions, representing the "Kingdom of Leon", both, lions and castles, represents the unity of both kingdoms, 4 flags, and 4 crosses of Jerusalem are symbols of Saint John the Baptist.

The crown on top symbolizes the "Royalty" who authorized this shield. To the right, an "F" for Fernando, to the left, a "Y" for Ysabel, who were over the crown (King and Queen of the Spanish Empire) when Puerto Rico was discovered, evoke the great pioneering efforts. The quiver of arrows and yoke represent ideograms for the initials of the Catholic Kings, F and Y.

The inscription reads "JOHANNES EST NOMEN EJUS" or "Juan (John) is its name", as Puerto Rico was originally called San Juan (Saint John), which today is the name of the capital city.⭐

⭐Economy:The economy of Puerto Rico is classified as a high income economy by the World Bank and as the most competitive economy in Latin America by the World Economic Forum.⭐

Human Information

⭐Human Name: Carmeliz Perez (Jones)⭐

⭐Nickname[s]: Carm, Car, Lizzy, Liz⭐

⭐Age Appearance: 19⭐

⭐Gender: Female⭐

⭐Birthday: December 10th⭐

About Them

⭐Personality: She is very cheerful and tries to always stay in a good mood. She is very outgoing and tries to make everyone around her happy, even if it doesn't make her happy. She believes that everyone is good and deserves a chance but, this makes her very gullible and easy to trick. She is smart but, slow. It takes her awhile to understand and process which also makes her easy to trick. Only a few thing can get her in a bad mood and the worse thing you can do is make fun of her, her friends, and her country. She is also very insecure about her weight and doesn't tend to show off her body alot. Even though she seems happy all the time she is really stresses over everything and her biggest fear is disappointing everyone.⭐

Physical Attributes

⭐Blood Type: B+⭐

⭐Height: 64 inches (5'4)⭐

⭐Weight: 194 pounds⭐

⭐Hair length: When straight, up to her hips. When natual, just about past her chest⭐
⭐Natural hair colour: Brown⭐

⭐Eye shape: Wide⭐

⭐Iris shape: Round⭐

⭐Iris colour: Light brown⭐

⭐Pupil shape: Round⭐

⭐Pupil colour: Black⭐

⭐Sclera colour: White⭐

⭐Glasses/contacts: Reading glasses⭐

⭐Eyebrows: Same color as hair. A bit bushy.⭐

⭐Eye lashes: Long⭐

⭐Skin type: Normal⭐

⭐Skin colour: Sand 4-5⭐

⭐Skin texture: Smooth⭐

⭐Markings/patterns: None⭐

⭐Marking/pattern colour: N/A⭐

⭐Freckles/spots: a mole under her left eye⭐

⭐Mouth: She has thick brown lips, the top a darker shade then the other.⭐

⭐Accent: Puerto Rican⭐

⭐Outfit (Military): A Navy green 1940 Female Military suit.⭐

⭐Outfit (Casual): A blue and white striped tank top with light brown waist high shorts and a black belt. She usually wears a jean jacket.⭐

⭐Tattoos: A sun with the Puerto Rican flag in it (On her lower back)⭐

⭐Piercings: Only her ears⭐

⭐Jewelry: She sometimes wears a cross necklace.⭐

⭐Anything on your body that represents something in your country?: The mole under her left eye represents Old San Juan⭐
⭐Nationality: White (mostly Spanish origin) 80.5%, black 8%, Amerindian 0.4%, Asian 0.2%, mixed and other 10.9%⭐

⭐Pet(s): She has a cat (Her nekotalia version) Evita named and a pitbull name baby⭐

Brief History

⭐Past Caretakers: Spain⭐

⭐History: On November 19, 1493 Christopher Columbus discovered the island in his second voyage to the New World. He named the island San Juan Bautista. He found the island populated by Taíno or Arawak Indians. The Taínos were peaceful and they welcomed the conquistadores and shared their homes and food and gave the Spaniards many gifts. Columbus thought this island to be very beautiful.

Juan Ponce de León colonized Borinquen in 1508 and became its first governor. The Spaniard conquistadores were looking for gold. They made slaves of the Indians gradually killing them from overwork. Soon, African families were brought to the island as slaves. The island remained economically undeveloped until 1830, when sugarcane and other plantation were developed. Many families from Spain and European nations moved to the island, slowly marrying Taíno Indians, forming a new ethnic group called Criollos.

When Puerto Ricans started to push for independence, Spain granted the island powers of self-government in 1897. But during the Spanish-American War of 1898 American troops invaded the island and Spain surrendered to the U.S. Since then, Puerto Rico has remained a U.S. territory. Its people were granted American citizenship under the Jones Act in 1917; were allowed to vote for their own governor, beginning in 1948; and now fully manage their internal affairs under a constitution. In 1952 Puerto Rico’s Constitution established self government. In 1954 Puerto Rican nationalists carried out an armed attack in the US Congress but over the years the people of Puerto Rico have voted to retain Commonwealth status. ⭐

(I will reshare this to anyone who wants to RP.)

A strange guest walks in the classroom. It is very strange. The guest wears a thick, hooded, blue fur coat with white fur embroidery, especially around the edges of his coat. He has short white hair tucked into his fur-coated hood, light blue eyes that are almost white themselves, thick boots made from whale skin, a scarf that covers a broken jaw and tucked tightly into his hood, and thick gloves. He is not wearing any uniform. Something about the man gives everyone a chill up their spine. There is ice under his boots. The teacher warns him, "Sir, are you a part of this school?" The man gives no reply. "I'm assuming that's a yes. You have to wear the school uniform or I will have to send you to the principal." Still, he gives no reply. "Sir? least you may fill out this paper..?" The teacher hands him a student information sheet. The information given back is extremely strange. Apparently he has a nickname, Nankyo, he is 3 BILLION years old, he is a boy, he is 213.4 centimeters (7 feet) tall, and likes cute things. What a strange individual...

Dominika look around the courtyard, hoping for some peace and quiet where she could practice her dance routine for the school's talent show. Hmm.... She looked around once more, then turned on some music, coincedendaly being 'Childish War' off vocal version, as she danced her routine to it, lip syncing the English cover lyrics. She had no idea you were watching from a distance. She turned one and stopped seeing you. A huge blush spread across her face and she ran off somewhere, grabbing her phone first. You chase after her, and...
//Oc or canon character allowed. Please use 3rd person and legimate roleplay like this. Ask and give an example of how you roleplay, and see if I'll accept.\\
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