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Laptop is being a fucker so until I get a new one I'll work on a music file(s) for Terraria PC and Android.

Got a new computer so business should resume as usual after new years?

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My situation before I start doing stuff to it!
Oxyclean is a drug being smuggled across the border and your top priority is to get rich and to deliver a "message" from the mafia to the cartel leader of Kentucky, Colonel Sanders.
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Been kinda lazy and my damn hard drive crashed. Luckily I have an outdated copy on my drive, but still pisses me off.

Note: most of the shit im putting in here is just memes and stuff and little to no OC so dont expect originality or stuff. Expect Metallica and Death. Once I figure out the music problem... 

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Working on new sprites... Contra is sort of the go-to on this project

Really killing me that I can't replace the bike with a chocobo. 

Music is almost done. Now I need to figure out how to import .wave files in .gba

Also my only computer is starting to die so, i'll work on the little stuff like music and sprites until I get a new rig. Which might be awhile...
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