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Hex claiming for phase 1 (The Island of Eilean Dubh) is closed. Phase 2 (The Town of Tenkar's Landing) is in progress so feel free to contribute there. Phase 3 (The Megadungeon) is not yet started.

We're beginning the Tenkar's Landing portion of the project where we will detailing the urban setting that actual city. Join the brainstorming at

To read about the Politics and Culture document initiative look at this post:

Quick Notes About The Island For Development:

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Original Tenkar's Landing Map:

Available Hexes:

List of Claimants:

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In the course of working on my Tenkar's Landing contribution, I created a class that probably adds little value for most people but was a lot of fun to make. (It's a part of the entry for Hex 22.12.) I posted the class on my blog today and figured I'd share here in case others are interested...

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Time marches on and June 4th has come and gone. Still, we're almost there. Jed's polishing and others are submitting the last few update. To remind, we expanded the timeline a bit because we had a flurry of new/revised content coming in and I declared this to be "A Good Thing" (tm). Look for the penultimate release to hit the drop box soon.

As always, let me know if you have questions.

Your humble Catherder-in-Cheif


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We have new members and so my periodic "Welcome!"

To those who are relatively new members, no matter how you found this place, welcome to the group! See the pinned comments (that always appear at the top of the community) for more information and don't hesitate to ask questions if you have them. In brief, we are working on a gazetteer of sorts to bring life to the island of Eilean Dubh (the Black Isle) home and hearth to the bustling city of Tenkar's Landing (and its surroundings.) This is a crowd-sourced project and the first book is close to being finished. There are others planned for the future once this one is out the door and there will be more information forthcoming in a few weeks. Please let me know if you have questions and, again, Welcome!


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Update- wife and kids were sick over the last few days, so I am running behind on getting the Beta wrapped up... but it is getting super close.
(also lost some time diving deep into +Chris Tamm 's blog Elfmaids and octopi... that is a deep well of usable gonzo ideas and tables.)

Anyway, shooting for later this week now.

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So I think With +Andrew Durston map for 20.17 we have a map for all of the write ups. So here is the complete mosaic map. This week I am going through each entry in detail and sending a heads up to contributors for any placeholders for content to find out if there is something to replace them with, or they should be removed. Some people have said they are working on content, so I will be touching base with them to see how things are going.
+Milton Murphy My goal is to share the Beta version on Friday in whatever state it is in.
Proof Readers- any volunteers?
Introduction to Eilean Dubh content - reading through the complete document is fascinating in that some themes about the island emerge. The introduction chapter is set up to address some overarching aspects of the island. So anyone reading through the document who wants to pen a paragraph or two on something that jumps out at them, I'll add it to the introduction's topics.
+Milton Murphy Separately, the book could use a forward that describes how the project came together from someone in the know. So give that some thought.

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Hex 20.17:

Hex 20.17 Key

A – Mines and Quarries
B – Haunted Foothills

1 – 4 Ancient Watchtowers
2 – Shipwreck Isle

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+Mike Davis Two questions about Hex 13.14 The East Azagath Wastes:
Did you ever come up with additional content for the The Inverted Tower (The Rusted Well)? You have a note that there is "more to come" in the Gazetteer. Its OK if not, I can just delete that note. But there is still plenty of time to include additional information.
also, and more importantly, can you make a quick note about which keyed locations on you map correspond with which locations on in your write up? here are the locations I have:

The Crypt of Llegh
Tanka’s Mine
Cowie’s Forest
The Inverted Tower
The Watchtower
Obsidian Canyon

I think the order is not the numerical order since the Obsidian Canyon looks like it is location 6, while I am not sure if Location 1 is the pit described in the Inverted Tower, or a mountain.

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+Vandel J. Arden Have you had any time to write up more for 12.19 Pehl Ferebas, The Broken Maze? There is just some Lorem Ipsum text for the Sahren C’orsath, Cith of the Weeping Angels, but some of the other locations like The Dargon's Tooth, The Grave of the Five Gods, and The Restless Battlefield are all super evocative and I (selfishly) want to know more about them. :)

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+Andrew Durston, Here is the zoomin on the Mosaic map. +Blackie Carbon's write up for Hex 20.17 is brief but evocative:

"Just offshore, on the shallow rock ledges near to the coast, stand 4 towers, in various states of ruin. These relics of the ‘ancient’ civilisation once served as beacons and watchtowers. Now, they show signs of being inhabited by various aquatic races.
"A small, low island has been the site of many a shipwreck, vessels driven onshore by strong southerly winds. One or two of the more recent serve as rough shelters for various groups who live by scavenging the strand and a little way inland. The rock of the island is fossil-rich, and the bones of great marine creatures are exposed by storm and wave action.
"In the hills of the interior are several mines and quarries, abandoned for generations. Here, a granite sill has pushed through the limestone beds, creating strong metamorphic rocks used in construction, and part-completed architectural features lie where they were left unfinished.
"The light forests in the east of this area are home to an abundance of game animals - boar, deer, bears and the occasional more exotic creature. From time to time, parties from the mainland arrive to hunt trophy creatures. One or two lodges have been built to furnish these hunters.
"The ground to the west, bordering the swamps of 19.17, gently slopes westwards. The sparse surface waters all drain in this direction, but several large pools can be found in the foothills. These legend-haunted places are still and quiet, and attract tales of fell creatures."

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