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How to post any video to Instagram for sharing?

Instagram Video is an incredibly important platform for brands and marketers. Here is a quick guide to uploading a pre-made, edited video to Instagram for sharing.

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Weekend streaming: 'Finding Dory' heads to Netflix

A new month means lots of new content on Netflix including big movies and interesting originals.

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3 Solutions to Play AVI on macOS Sierra

The number of Apple Mac users is growing by day, and so do their needs – that is why we keep looking for ways to make most of the Mac's rich functionality. One of the issues any Mac user faces sooner or later is how to play AVI on Mac - the newest operating systems like macOS Sierra not at all good at handling them. Let us have a look closely at the possible ways to play AVI on macOS Sierra.

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Re-encode 3D MTS footage for playback on Oculus Rift

3D camcorders are still hot devices. If you are looking for a way to watch 3D MTS footage on Oculus Rift, you are in the right place.

#watch3dmts #oculusrift #rift3dplayback #3dmovie

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How to Watch AVI on TV (Samsung TV Included)?

You might have some AVI video files in your computer. If you would like to enable your TV to play AVI, you can achieve that by reading this article.

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How to make a copy of Blu-ray on macOS Sierra

Mac users rush to update to macOS Sierra, here a macOS Sierra Blu-ray ripping software is shared with rundown of all the highlights and Blu-ray ripping on mac OS Sierra guidance included.

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Alternatives to Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate- Faster & Smarter Tools

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is the best video converter software for Windows PC in the present market. Nevertheless, you may have found that when ripping Blu-ray or convert to mainstream devices. Here gives a full review of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate and shows alternatives.

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Dimo Welcomes Thanksgiving and Black Friday Holiday with Free and Up to 55% OFF Offers

Come and Join Dimo 2016 #Thanksgiving Software #Giveaway 🆒- Get 20 copies of full version of Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Win/Mac as free #Thanksgivinggifts. 🎉

Or share it around your social circle to win 55% discount for Dimo VCU in the above page. 🍻

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[TV File Formats] Video/Audio Formats for 3D/4K/HD TV Listed

TV puts strict limitations on the video audio formats it supports. Hence, prior to stream media from Mac/PC to TV, it's advisable to make clear on what TV supported formats are.

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Top-ranked Video Converter Ultimate

It is an extremely powerful app that's sure to meet just about every one of your video conversion needs – your complete video toolbox. Convert, edit, play, organize, capture, and make ISO – in hundreds of formats. Whatever you do – the final result will be in perfect quality ( even in high-definition or 3D) no missing key frames, redraw issues, or crashes.

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