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Hunter X Online >> come in!

like it,

RPG browser game based on the highly popular manga series Hunter x Hunter.

In the game, you can collect heroes that appear in the manga to perfect your formation, start an adventure together, pass the Hunter Exam, and train them into powerful hunters!

#hunter x hunter #browser game #anime #unigame
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I found a amazing Opportunity to earn extra Cash. Explore, build, and earn Gold.
It is an economic, financial Simulator.
You can open a company to sell or rent the produced Products to other players. You can work for these companies for a wage. Trade Gold, buy Gameshares to earn dividents explore the 3d Map and much more.
New implemented is a Zombie Multiplayer - Map where you kill Zombies and collect Gold.
!! You must download the Map to explore it!!!
Kill the Zombies and collect with L the Lockpicks for open chests
Come in and try it and have Fun!
And change the earned Gold for real Cash to payout.
It is free to play, you can but you must not invest Money.
Register here:

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Un jeu de golf, qui allie stratégie et gestion de club. Il s'annonce vraiment sympa et original !

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Une émission podcast radio très intéressante de chez Prelude avec comme invité Olivier qui présente sa chaîne Youtube Geister "TestUnJeu" où il parle et test des jeux sous navigateurs. C'est clair et bien fait, on vous invite à découvrir tout ça :
- Podcast radio Prelude :
- La chaine Youtube de Geister :

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Illyriad app now at Firefox Markeplace. On the other subject, there has been an update that many players are against.

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The biggest browser games list with ratings and reviews!
View 203 browser games here:

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Howdy everyone,

What a phenomenal start on August 2013 by Goldentowns browser game that on this day Nov. 17th of 2013, they have reached 20,000 user of this game..and buying and selling of Virtual Gold is transacted every minutes or even in seconds..JOIN me and my friends, LETS MAKE THIS AS PROFITABLE LIKE YOUR 1ST INCOME...CLICK THE LINK BELOW>>>

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Imagination has no limits and Call Of Gods came to confirm this.

Humans, elves, undead and all sorts of devils make an amazing RPG fantasy browser game full of emotions. Choose the breed you wish to serve and through adventurous missions and challenges by vanquished that get in the way on your way.

Free Browser Game
Requires no download or installation
Beautiful graphics and sound effects
Thrilling story with epic battles
Dungeons Filled Challenges

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I am Edward N. Obsiana and I love to play all kinds of browser game. I am from the Philippines and I am presently working in a Biotech company for saving the variety of Cavendish Banana against various kinds of tropical fruit diseases such as FOC, Sigatoka and others.

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Other big companies like ZYNGA, BLIZZARD and others never realized that most of the Global Gamers are spending REAL money just to pay for more VIRTUAL MONEY to receive gaming items but GOLDENTOWNS pioneered to create a VIRTUAL TOWN that can build GOLD MINES structure to produce GOLD in order to trade it to GOLDENTOWN'S GOLD RESELLER for REAL CASH. And of course, this GOLD RESELLER'S will then sell it to those regular Goldentown GAMERS who are eager to level-up their new GOLD MINES to buy the four listed resources (Vegetable, Meat, Wood, Iron, Stone, and Clay) and other gaming items..Buying and Selling of GOLD is a cycle pattern and everybody who joins shares the profit globally OVER AND OVER AGAIN in minutes or even in seconds..

And the sweetest of them all is that you can BUY game shares from other town and subsequently, increases your Gold balance for more REAL CASH..JOIN NOW!! WHILE YOU ARE ONE OF THE PIONEERS WHO JUST DISCOVER A UNIQUE KIND OF TREASURE - A VIRTUAL WORLD WHICH WILL BECOME YOUR MONEY MAKING MACHINE..CLICK HERE >>>

To know more about this game, join also my community and click the image below..There will be sharing of strategy and gaming knowledge. 
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