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On the planet of Alternia there are many prosperous and densely populated cities. However Carthrya is not one of those cities, Carthrya is indeed the smallest city on alternia completely forgotten by those who have never visited, even Her Imperious Condescension herself doesn't remember this place. Only the Denizens of Carthrya know about it at this point. To the north, east, and west is a dense forest, surrounding the city, and to the south, the ocean. The city of the ocean is called "Marinis Carthrya" but everyone tends to lump the two together, even the seawellers that reside there.

This is the story of Carthrya, how will yours unfold as one of its inhabitants?


1. NO CANON CHARACTERS! Canon characters would be really weird, especially relationships with OCs. Let's not make it TOO awkward.

2. NO OC WITH CANON RELATIONS! I can only hope you guys know what I mean... EX: Madrid Serket, Shiron Captor, etc

3. NO MARY SUE OCS! I have faith that you guys know what a mary sue is and how to avoid it.

4. FOLLOW THE HEMOSPECTRUM! Mutant bloods are allowed and NOT limited to candy red blood, Fuschia bloods are exclusively female, seeing as every male is culled, there can also only be ONE Fuschia blooded troll at a time.

5. SWEAR WORDS AND SHIT ARE ALOUD. As you can tell, I'm using them. Only thing that is banned here is NSFW content. That being sex. Nudity is allowed, but it should be mild. If you do make an NSFW roleplay, do that in private posts, please.

6. DON'T BE SELFISH AND RUDE TOWARD OTHERS! Use common sense and be nice to your fellow roleplayers, even if one might know more than the other about Homestuck as a whole.


8. NO SPAM AND SHIT. You know what I mean by spam, it will be punished with a warning the first time, then a ban.

9. PROFILES MUST BE APPROVED BEFORE USE! Make sure a mod has approved your profile before roleplaying

10. PLEASE TRY TO FOLLOW THE TEMPLATE AS CLOSELY AS POSSIBLE! Seriously, just follow the template, thank you. You can use a more complicated template, but the one below is the basics that are needed for a profile.

11. YOU CAN ONLY HAVE 12 characters at a time, this is just for simplicity’s sake.

12. THERE WILL BE NO SESSION, SGRUB DOES NOT EXIST HERE. This is mainly due to how tedious and confusing it is to start.

13. PLEASE CHECK THE RULES OFTEN FOR UPDATES AND SUCH! More and more will be added after each incident, so please be well aware of the rules!


Profile Template

Name: (Must follow the 6/6 rule)



Blood Color:

Screen Name:

Typing Quirk:

Strife Specibus:

Fetch Modus:

- ♥️
- ♠
- ♦
- ♣




Appearance: (Pic or short description)

Biography: YOUR NAME IS...

+Lantaa Almere no idea what this is lmao

Sigrun stood in an alley, trying to figure out how to use a can of spray paint. When she finally got it, she started drawing something all over the wall, none of them really clear as to what they were. After a while she stepped back, staring at the wall now covered in obscure paintings, and started laughing.

H̼͚͙͈̙̟̪E̦Ý̫́ ̢̢̹͎S̯̞̠̩̀͞O̙̪̰̲M̵̛͔̹͍͇̺E͙̦̥̻̞͍̟̫O҉͎́Ṋ͔͝E҉̴̝̰̠̳̠̳͙̩͠ ̳͕͇̙̱̥̗̕͝L̷̬̟͚̗̼̫̥ͅE̵̜̙͕T̢͕̰̫̪̩͕̝͞͠'̝̜̭͇̳͔̕S͈̝͚̦̗͎̣ ̸̩̞̠̮̱͉R͏҉̰O͔̹̟͔̰̪̟͉͜͟͠L̴̡̝̼͙̱̫̻͕͡È̝̼̖͈͝ͅP̗̥̙͈͍̰̠̮̀L̮̹͞A̶̢̨̯̹̻̬͚͙Y͇̭̹̭̹̲͝͞

literally made in less than 5 minutes

-Closed to -+panopticPuppeteer

Irtosa sat alone in Eillio’s hive. Eillio has gone out for some reason, but Irtosa decided to stay and catch up on some things she missed. She turned in the tv and flipped to the news channel. The headline was a dead body found in the woods. On a nearby tree, a star had been painted on with the caption “Canopus.” Irtosa found this very intriguing, but shrugged her shoulders. Probably some lunatic, she thought to herself. Now deciding to take a nap, Irtosa Closed Her eyes and leaned back against the couch. She draped her veil around her, using it as a blanket. She was almost asleep when suddenly the front door of the hive swung open.

Anyone wanna rp?

Pronunciation Guide because why not? Anyway if a syllable is pronounced like a real word I just insert it in there. Anyways this is probably a pretty shitty guide but her you all go.

Phonka Heliox
Fon-kuh Hee-lee-ohx

Velids Asmidi
Vel-idz As-mee-dee

Appart Lacail
Apart Lah-sail

Leaena Praeci
Lee-ah-ee-nuh Pray-sea

Tseang Ptolem
See-ang P-toh-lem

Ticita Discen
Tee-sea-tuh Diss-sen

Tiedae Kszoon
Tie-day Kisszoon

Rukbat Caphch
Ruk-bat Cafch (Yeah this one is spelled pretty phonetically)

Rayneb Nukapa
Ray-neb New-kah-pah

Cheval Anehta
Che-vall Uh-neh-tuh

Themis Cefeis
Them(but like with the th sound not in the word them)-iss Ceh-fee-iss

Jarrac Apodis
Jar-rack A-pod-is

I would like to rp with somebody.

((closed to +Lantaa Almere))

Evanie reclines in her respite block with her husktop in front of her.
"Who do Y feel lyke botheryn todai......" She scrolls down until a name catches her eye.

Appart sat on the beach, the border between two worlds which she dwelled in both figuratively and literally it seemed. She wasn’t doing anything, which was rare because in moments of inaction, it is easier to think. She doesn’t want to think, but she had decided that she had to. So here she was, staring out onto the waves, mind balancing between happiness and despair. If only she could just finally tip to one side and be done with it. She was so deep in contemplation that anyone could sneak up on her at that moment.

and my tagging isn’t working
Leaena heads down the road, but instead of walking like a normal fucking troll she is dancing along, probably not even to practice since she is doing it quickly and accurately. Why the heck would anyone do this in public. She grins, clearly enjoying herself and maybe trying to look cute.
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