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Hello, This is my oc Andy.
He is 24 years old and he loves music, hard rock music though. He's also fond of the color black.
He is an emo so he can be a bit emotional at points but otherwise he is very caring and kind. But he does get angered easily.
Eh, his backstory isn't really much. He was into hockey and a little bit of wrestling and that was usually it but he did get bullied for what he liked when he was younger.


We need to have a moderator meeting.

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Hi There, My name is Chrissy~But most people just call me Diana~
I'm a Bi female, looking for a good roleplay partner, someone that doesnt mind any sexual moments, but also like a good action or romance moment in. So if you want to know more about me, hit me up for a roleplay~ <3 And if you add me On Discord ( Username at the bottom of this post ) You will have a lot more Pictures of Diana to enjoy.

Name: Diana Williams

Age: 22

Sub or Dom: Sub

Relationship Status: Single

Body type: Slim and toned

Breasts: D 37

S/O: Bisexual

Occupation: Barista

Hobbies: Working out, Surfing/Swimming,Camping,Club dancing, Horror movies.

Kinks: Bondage, S&M, Anal, Toys, Over nine inches( If Male/ toy size).

Turn offs: Public sex, Being treated like a dumb blonde, Druggies, Over drinkers.

Turn on's: Funny,Flirty,Doesnt try to have sex after the first date,A song dedicated to her, Tough guy/girl, Emo or Scene guy/girl, few years older than her.

Sexy Secret: Turns into a real sex loving slut in the bedroom.

Diana is looking for a sweet, protective guy or girl that can be an enjoyable company and loves outdoor dates, but certainly knows how to rock up a bed room.

If you are intrested and want to rp you can hit me up on Discord. My user is ~JustARoseWithPoisonousThorns~#1706

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Hello everyone. I had to change the settings of this community, so now people have to ask to join. This is strictly because many furry communities have recently been raided, and we don't want that. I need my mods on duty when someone asks to join! If it's a furry hater or raider, ban them from this community. Mods, please, watch out!



Role play anyone?

Hello guys! I know there aren't many of you in this community yet, but I would like to appoint moderator(s). The two people Im thinking of appointing are +Munchkin Bear​​​​ and +Alexei Jackal​​

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Hi! This is my oc, Skylar:
|18| female| happy, easygoing, smart, funny, sarcastic, crazy, unpopular, outgoing|
Backstory: She grew up on a farm| she was bullied at elementary school, but made it through| she now works at a bookstore, because she loves to read|
Likes: books, sunny days, swimming, blue, farming/gardening, making friends
Dislikes: rainy days, broccoli, seeing blood, losing a friend

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Roleplay open to anyone!!
It was a beautiful day in the park, as Skylar walked down the pavement towards the river. After arriving at the river, she sat down and started to read a book "Ah, what a beautiful day." She sighed happily as she looked around. She looked back down at her book and started to read again.
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