hi, I have created a MASSIVE campaign and plots for esteren, building on the warlords from before the founding, and kinda want to share it. The problem is that its pieces of information that is scattered and not really unified in a digestible way, and im still running that campaign, so facts might be altered or introduced.

so my question is, any reccomendations for how to share my creation? (currently at 75 different plots, which often relates to eachother)

Hello, I am looking to run the Prologue adventures, probably with the pre-gens. But I only have a group of 1. So what would be the best choices, assuming I as GM will take a sidekick to the PC?

Also, if we are to keep playing using the pre-gens, in the greater picture, what would be the better choice? Or should we look at generating our own?
I have been trying to resist printing the pdfs waiting for physical books to come in, so I have not looked at any thing beyond book 0.
My confusion stems from reading the start of the Poison adventure that mentions using the templates from book 1.

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An Esteren Esoterica—A review of The Black Moon Handbook, the ghosts and hauntings handbook for the Lovecraftian Shadows of Esteren published by Agate RPG.

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In this second part of our Dragonmeet 2016 episode, among other things, I discussed with Nelyhann from Agate Editions (Shadows of Esteren) about their succesful Kickstarter for the Dearg Campaign, and also about their future Dungeons & Dragons 5e OGL brand new setting "Dragons La Tétralogie" and the chances to see it translated to English.

"Here’s Part 2 of the Episode 18 dedicated to Dragonmeet 2016.

You have to recognise that, for once , I am quite consistent in the delivery of those.

Here’s a second handful of interviews with visitors of the Dragonmeet #PodcastZone gathering The Rolistes Podcast, The Rusty Quill, The Formal Gamer, Dark Cleo Productions and The Wizard On The Wynd.

- We interviewed with Anil, from The Rusty Quill, Mira an enthusiastic fan of The Rolistes Podcast (it’s really motivating to find out there are such fans out there),

- Federico Sohns, game designer of Nibiru, a science fiction tabletop role playing game of horror, adventure and lost memories, set in the interior of an indomitable and mysterious space station,

- Adam Brooks developer of RPG kitchen, tool to help people create and test new games, and play them too

- Edurya, current ruler of La Guilde des Rolistes Francophones de Londres
- Nelyhann from Agate Editions author of Shadows Of Esteren, talking not only about Dearg their new campaign book successful Kickstarter, but also “Dragons – La Tétralogie“, Agate’s take on Dungeons & Dragons 5e’s Open-Gaming License (OGL) led by Iris d’Automne.

See you for Part 3."


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Ticket sale for the Shadow of Esteren Concert at UK Games Expo is live! To book your ticket: http://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/bookevents.php?category=liv

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“We have long been big fans of the wonderfully atmospheric Shadows of Estern tabletop game, and their new Kickstarter looks like it could prove fantastic.”


Thank you Chalgyr's Game Room​ :D

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Check out the full trailer of our upcoming Kickstarter, launching this thursday, 27th october!

Don't miss the take off and limited offers, subscribe to the newsletter: http://eepurl.com/_JVIL

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