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It is amazing to see just how quickly a baby can learn to use an ipad. Many can use an ipad before they can even pick it up and this gives them an amazing head start and boost to their learning. Books are static and younger children often just play with the pages, but tablets can come alive. It is this interactive nature that gives tablets the edge over books.
With tablets now a regular feature in many pre-schools and nurserys, the technology has crept into most areas of family life. A little time out to calm down before bed or to give parents a few extra minutes to clean up, the tablet comes into its own.

Babies should be encouraged to explore the world physically and toddlers need to be active for three hours a day to grow healthily. Some are worried that screen time can encourage a more sedentary lifestyle. Most experts are in agreement that it is not necessarily the tablet that is bad but more over how they are used. Sitting infront of mundane programming all day is never going to be good for you, no matter what your age. Nature did not intend children to sit still, they should be actively exploring their world.

If you sit with your child and watch 'with' them, explain things to them and laugh together you will find them learning and bonding  with you.

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