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hello everyone i am doing a what playthrough p.s ask if you want to know more about fisherman play through
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mele only

Anyone want to talk

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im op
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NPCs share many of the stats of a player character. They occupy 3 blocks tall and 2 blocks wide. They are slightly slower than a player and can only jump 3 blocks high; they have 250 HP and can take damage from monsters (with exception of the Old Man), though their health automatically regenerates over time. All NPCs (excluding the Old Man and Santa Claus) have randomly chosen names. Many of the names are references to well-known characters from Legend, or in some cases Deities, or Higher Powers of some Religions. Some are even references to well-known games or films.

A list of all currently gained NPC's can be found by entering the inventory screen (default Esc.), then press the house symbol above the armor. To place an NPCs in a specific room, left click the portrait of the NPC and then left click room desired, leaving the NPC's banner in the clicked space if the housing is adequate. Clicking on the "question mark" box will allow the player to click on a potential NPC house and tell the player what the house still needs to be ready. If the housing is not enclosed properly then it will simply state that the house is not suitable; otherwise it will state that the house is suitable. When Night begins, NPC's will walk to their respective banner remaining there until dawn at which point they will walk around and go through doors. If an NPC can't reach its house then when all players move away from it and its house the NPC will automaticaly teleport to its house. They also go to their houses when it's raining and only come out again when the rain stops (unless it is night time). NPC's will close doors they opened and leave doors alone that were open to begin with.

Main Article:Vendors
All vendors will purchase items for the same prices, regardless of what they sell. All purchasable items are worth five times more when bought from the NPCs than when selling them to the NPCs. Items sold to NPCs may be re-purchasable at the same price sold until the player closes the shop screen

The World Feeder is a monster that spawns in the Corruption after the Wall of Flesh has been defeated. Although it looks somewhat similar to the Eater of Worlds, it is more like the Devourer in practical terms, as its spawning conditions are that of a normal (Hard Mode) enemy.

They have 500 HP and drop the valuable Cursed Flames, which can be used to make new ammunition, torches, and spells. Like all creatures that spawn in Hard Mode, they are very strong and can easily kill a player who is not prepared.

As with all burrowing monsters, the easiest way to kill it is to aim along the length of its body with a penetrating weapon.
Using Cursed Bullets, Cursed Flames, or Cursed Arrows can cause most of the body (depending on what you hit) to get the Cursed Inferno debuff. This can deal incredible damage: if you catch 20 segments in one world feeder, it will deal 80 dps just from the cursed inferno debuff, making 560 damage in about 7 seconds
A Grenade or Bomb can kill it instantly.
During a Blood Moon, it is possible to see three World Feeders at the same time.

i need to be in hard mode

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Ep 5 hope you enjoy :D

hi everyone,this is for all the players out there post tips and anything else you want just don't be bad lol
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