someone for RP ? longpig here wait the oven ;)

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Are you pred or prey?

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Whose willing to eat me?

is sitting in an opening in the forest

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"Fear the predator"

(Art by me)

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Here's my updated profile

Name: golden Fredrick gamer
Nickname: the cheetah with no spots
Gender: Femboy
Age: 18 in furry years
sexuality: pansexual
Height: 5'5
Likes: girls, other femboys, futas, slim boys, sex, video games
Dislikes: being called golden Freddy, scat, buff men or women
hates: cheaters, haters, raiders
Favorite song: the Phoenix by fallout boy
Bio: has special super speed running abilitie, and to morph into other beings, may be a Femboy but is more of a video game geek then a girly, can be called him/his/he or she/her/she's
Favorite food: deviled eggs
Favorite game: minecraft
Species: cheetah
role: cannibal
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Ok I'm officially a cannibal, since the votes said 100% on cannibal
Is dat ok with u +Abby Septiceye ?
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"Ehm... Well, I'll tell ya this, my powers are enough to take down an army, yet still to revive trusted or loved ones, but I still rarely use them"

[[known powers:]]

super speed

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