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This Is Justin Castilyn's Old Mugshot In 2008, He Scammed 2,000 Dollars For Video Games On Craigslist With A Fake Money Order.
Where He Is Today? Hes Out Of Jail And Living On 442 East Pearl St In Butler,PA. He Is Has Been Convicted Of Molesting A Girl Under The Age Of 13 At The Age Of 20. He Made A Page On Facebook Called Butler County Pieces Of Trash,In Short BCPOT, He Let Bonnie King Be The Admin Of His Page For A Short Time Till She Found Out About His Selling T-Shirt Scam And Posting On Teens Under The Age Of 18. He Was Reported Many Times For This Page Until He Decided To Change It To Butler Trash.
He Puts Down People On SSI, Welfare And Those Who Have Worked All Their Lives For What They Own. He Went On To Bash Innocent People And To My Knowledge, A 13 Year Old Girl.
Anyone Who Posts About Him Or Reveals His Identity Or Hates His Pages, He Trashes On The Spot.
His Ex Girlfriends, Shauna Rettig Who Is Pregnant With His Child And Amanda Donaldson, Are His Biggest Targets And Their Families. Bonnie King Has Been A Huge Subject To His Harassment Going So Far To Post Her Number And Work Address.
Right Now He Has Moved Onto WordPress Where He Thinks He Is Invisible With Freedom Of Speech Which That Law Does NOT Go That Far For It Has Limits On Bashing People.
He Also Has A Twitter.
The Cops Do Nothing About This Internet Cyberbully And From What I Heard, Hes A Snitch For The Cops.

Here Is His Wordpress:
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