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This new product is from Enermax, which is called NEOChanger. The RPM of the pump is adjustable. Its RGB
function offers multiple ways to create your personal style. Reservoir is available in 200ml, 300ml and 400ml offering the best choice. It's really cool that choose different size depends on my case.

😀Share your opinions below😀

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hey, this is my new art.
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Hey I'm building my first gaming pc or pc in general and I want to custom water cool it like this one ( I like it a lot. If you could help me chose the parts I have a budget of 1300~ for the loop here is my pc I'm building its my first so I don't know if I picket the parts out correctly (

Been awfully quiet for a while...
Anyone here to answer questions?
Thinking of a custom loop, and using two rads (single loop).
One rad after the gpu, and the other after the cpu,
so neither is soaked by heat from the other.
In such a loop, it seems to me, additional back pressure
(the extra rad) is asking for early pump failure.
Has anyone tried two pumps on a single loop?
Recommended practice or not? If not why not?

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Here is the final internal layout of Defector.  Still need to make a window for the door

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Here is the latest update on my build.  Things have been moving slowly due to work, but I'm running the tube today.  

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Defector Vlog Episode 1:

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Not sure if I should send this block back.  I am inexperienced, so maybe someone could tell me if everything is ok?  I am worried about the finish on top of the block, as well as the ripples on the side.

Any thoughts?
Bitspower AIX99D
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