Hi all! Its been awhile since I popped in. Life kinda got in the way and I've been pretty sisk for the past 6 months. So what's been happening?

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Le prochain film où nous pourrons voir David Hewlett.
The Shape of water de Guillermo Del Toro.
Sortie le 8 décembre 2017.


Hurray, I found you. They used to say the meek shall inheirt the earth, but it's really the Geek shall inheairt the earth. That good cause they should get something.

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Welcome to the latest members there are 168 of us. now! WOO HOO! Happy you could all join us. So what's been happening? Anyone seen David at he recent Con in Canada? Tell us about it? Anyone got anything to share.

Has Debug been released in Australia?

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As promised!

Scheduled for a new tattoo on Tuesday. The word "family" written in Ancient (or at least the English word in the Ancient font). Still showing some Stargate love years after the shows wrapped. This one will be meaningful to me for many reasons.
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