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This roster includes everything you need to know before setting off to the mystical lands of Lufoss!

Note: I know this community is small, but it can only grow! So stick with us :)

Okay, okay, were starting out boring, but just bear with me...

~Be respectful, think about others. If someone is causing trouble you can come to me or another moderator.
~Follow the power limits and themes of each pack.
~Always ask before killing or doing major damage to another roleplayer's wolf.
~Advertising other communities is allowed, but don't do it a lot!
~Every post must be wolf related (we don't care how funny that meme was or how scared you were that you'd die if you didn't repost <ಠ_ಠ>)
~Please make role plays generally neat. For example: have good spelling/grammar and make things understandable. Narrator Thoughts "Speaking" Something like that.
~Don't start roleplaying until your wolf is approved by a mod/owner.
~Have fun!

P.S Post your news/status
What I mean is basically, I love to see that your wolf has a pup or that your wolf is now an elder or beta or whatever. It helps me a lot!

Making a Profile
Your profile is pretty much up to you. I'll give you a template with basic things and you can add what you want to it.

So here's the template








This is a MUST READ. All of the roster is, but for those skipperoos who skip, you're gonna wanna read this.

Okay, so there are three packs; fire, wind, and ice. In order to be in each pack you must obtain those abilities. Example: Fire has fire powers and stuff like that.
There is also a water pack, but they are like the "gods/spirits" of the wolves.

The story goes that there are three packs of magical wolves that surround a lake (which is the home of the water pack). Each pack territory matches their theme. For example, Ice pack has a winter, cold biome while the wind territory has a bare, treeless biome.

Also, be fair. If it's a 1v1 against fire and ice wolves, the fire will win. If it's 2 or 3 ice wolves against a fire wolf, than the fire wolf loses.

The whole story is still in construction and so is the pack rosters, but this is some basic information.

Fire Pack
~Colors - bright orange/red/yellow
~Powers - fire based
~Strong against ice
~Weak against wind

Ice Pack
~Colors - blue/white
~Powers - ice based
~Strong against wind
~Weak against fire

Wind Pack
~Colors - black/white
~Powers - wind based
~Strong against fire
~Weak against ice

Here are a list of ranks and their standards.

~Alpha (2) - leader(s), must ask a owner for permission, must have good spelling/grammar, must be active.
~Beta (1) - 2nd in command, must ask alpha for permission, must have good spelling/grammar, must be active.
~Delta (1) - 3rd in command, must ask alpha for permission, must have exceptional spelling/grammar, must be active.
~Lead Warrior (2) - Leads major patrols/battles, must ask beta for permission, must be active.
~Warrior (∞) - follows in patrols/battles.
~Lead Hunter (2) - Leads large hunts/patrols, must ask beta for permission, must be active.
~Hunter (∞) - follows in patrols/hunts or hunts on their own time.

I will start recording ranks when (if) the community hits 30 members. I'll select moderators at 25 members.

So yeah... I think that covers everything. Just have fun! If you have any questions you can ask in the comments or in the questions category, which is checked daily. :)

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I Will Offer Some Support To The Community,Too.

Karma:Why Should We,Lab?
Lab(Me):Silly You,You Like Wolf's Right?
Karma:Yes. oh so that's why.

(Karma Is In The Pic)

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2 years

Alpha female

Ice pack

Shes very nice and sweet to others and pups. She will protect her pack at all cost even if it means risking her life


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I know we only have 7 members, but I need to put this announcement down.

Please don't ask to be an alpha, beta, or delta. I want to wait till the community grows a little more. You may make a character then upgrade it, but I will send out an announcement and then it's first come first serve.

Thank you


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NAME Snow Winter



RANK Lead Warrior

PACK ice pack

PERSONALITY Fiesty, sassy, brave,

BIO Snow Winter was born to her parents who was proud to be parto f the Ice pack. When she was oen week old her parents got killed so she was adopted by her parents syblings.Snow wanted to be in the Fire pack, but of course she already have ice powers and her name was litterally Snow Witner so that wasn't gonna happen. Soon her parents died of old age sicne they had her at a young age. She found out her "parents" were actually her autns and her real parents were killed by the... Fire pack. So now she has mixed feelign abotu the fire pack.

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name: riverbreeze

gender: female

age: 6

rank: warrior

pack: wind

personality: fun, happy, angry, fierce and loyal

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i suppose i shall offer my support to this community. me and glyde both wish this community to be as succsesful as ours.

Snow Winter of Ice pack growled, hurt, by the fall. Besides her was a buge block of ice that was almost as high as the tree enxt to it that she tried to reach with fruit. She had just slipped off the ice block she had just created, how embaressign.
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