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Dear all, let me introduce NEW BETA with better performance and Android Nougat support. ENJOY ! 

1. As now I switched to another browser, there is always the message that this one is not supported, but it´s only a Chrome clone named "BRAVE", would be fine, if one of the most used android-browser will be supported.

2. I would like to know which file from where had been deleted if a virus or trojan would be found. 

Seus desgasados vc e sse apk destruio meu cell agora to bloquado eu vou ter que formata e perde tudo sesus nubs

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Too much ram


Is there any planned updates to the current app or beta testing for Eset Mobile Security?

There is something wrong with ESET32 for Android. It doesnt scan my SD Card! (Android 5 + 6). Tested with Deep Scan

Is there going to be an updated version of Eset Mobile I.e. different design and/or layout as well as extra feature s?

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Can someone explain to me that? 

Add material design 

Anyone from Eset able to advise if there is any upcoming beta releases for the already popular Mobile Security?
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