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Branislav Orlik

ESET Mobile Security for Android  - 
Dear all, let me introduce NEW BETA with better performance and Android Nougat support. ENJOY ! 
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Please make a permanent notification icon or optional on top so people can see it and know that is working 
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Vijay Pabla

ESET Mobile Security for Android  - 
Is there any planned updates to the current app or beta testing for Eset Mobile Security?
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Dennis Güster

ESET Mobile Security for Android  - 
There is something wrong with ESET32 for Android. It doesnt scan my SD Card! (Android 5 + 6). Tested with Deep Scan
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Hi, If you mean ESET Mobile Security... It is based on your Android if SD card is accessible for 3rd part of apps. Google made some changes...
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Vijay Pabla

ESET Mobile Security for Android  - 
Is there going to be an updated version of Eset Mobile I.e. different design and/or layout as well as extra feature s?
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Yes , there will be and update soon... (btw we made many changes during a year to make app looks better.) 
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Simo Orax

ESET Mobile Security for Android  - 
Can someone explain to me that? 
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I'll try 😃
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About this community

To install newest ESET Mobile Security in BETA please follow this steps: 1. Join the community 2. Go to this link: 3. Become a BETA tester 4. (Uninstall previous version of ESET Mobile Security) Download the BETA from Google Play 5. Verify if the installation was successful

nikos traxalos

ESET Mobile Security for Android  - 
Too much ram

Branislav Orlik's profile photo
Hi, ESET Mobile Security do not eat RAM. It can be that during a Scan our app needs to open internally some bigger file = we need temporary some RAM. In general Android OS automatically free your RAM, when is not used by app anymore = you don't need to worry. 
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