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Has Any one taken Course CS 8803 Cyber-Physical Design and Analysis ? I am starting my OMS this January and I had few queries on this Course ,Can some one please answer few queries that I have

1. Is it a good easy course to take for my first semester?

2. Any special pre-requisite we should have to go through this course

3. what is your guesstimate hours/week we need to dedicate

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Hi there!

I am wondering if anyone has taken any of the following courses:

ISYE 6416 Computational Statistics
ISYE 6420 Bayesian Methods
ISYE 6664 Stochastic Optimization

If so, what's the procedure to enroll?

FYI - All above course are listed under OMSCS Machine Learning specialization:

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Does anyone know why they would make the ga course a 8803 level? It is used for multiple specializations. It seems a little foolish that I will have to request a permit to tale ai4r. Google+ post by Nicholas Seward

I am planning to take HPC Algorithms in spring'18.
Can someone in the community who has already taken this course share their experience on the needed skills or helpful resources to be successful?

Anyone happen to have the syllabus from the fall 17 AI for Robotics course (or other recent one)? I’m hoping to get a jump start on next semester since my wife is pregnant and I might have to take a few days off.

After graduation, will the student be able to access piazza and/or udacity account anymore?

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Hi everyone,

I just missed my waitlist for Machine Learning by literally 1 minute.
(Took the screenshot at 8 minute after trying some things). I mistakenly assumed this was for my local timezone (in which it's barely midnight).

The email said I would be dropped from the waitlist after that deadline.
However the course still says I'm waitlisted.

Should I delete it and add it again to get waitlisted again and wait for another slot to open up? Or should I just leave it alone and wait for phase 2?

How do you build a good working relationship with professors in the program, besides TAing (which isn't an option for me since I'm not a US citizen or green card holder)

I'm starting to work on my Piazza posts, anything else? Would love to hear from folks going on to pursue a PhD, hopefully there are some of you out there..

Has anyone ever completed more than 10 courses during your entire duration of studies before you applied for graduation?
If so would like to hear why you did it.
How is that graded/considered during graduation?
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