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> No stupid people, this place is not for the unintelligent.
> Standard role playing rules.
> Grow as a nation, not as a god. (Basically no god-modding)
> Please have detailed descriptions on developments such as weapons, viruses, medicines, armor, etc.
> No July, 87th of 1,894,392 A.D. We will use current date, this will lesson confusion.
>More will be added time to time
> If your faction loses to another faction, you must either join them or start all over. Note when you start over your land will be taken, negotiations can be made.
> If you want a country, pick an open spot on the map below. I’ll try to update time to time, even in the comments below.


You land your ship on Atlantis. You have enough materials and people to start a small country on this new planet. You will need to build your nation/faction from the ground up. I will try to record history best as I can, but you can too. You can record your countries history and achievements this helps you stay organized as a country to help with your needs and goals, but this is optional.

At the end of each month I will simulate an invasion of the planet myself. I will be moderately strong. If you or your faction dies, you either get a new character and/or faction and start over, or join some other nation/faction. If all of you fall and do not defeat the threat, I will delete this community, because everyone is dead.


Their are two different kinds of people:
Fight for good/evil


Basic Faction template (Limited to one faction, name changing is acceptable. You can have more than one country.)

Name of country:
Population: (No more than 20 million)
Government type:
Uniqueness: (What makes your peoples skills or culture unique)


Unit/person template (Please have one of yourself. You can make as may OTHER people or units as you want.)

Name: (Rest is up to you to finish. Your smart, you can do this, you don’t need my help telling about yourself.)
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Hello everyone :3

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Name of country:Falcon Biology Corporation
Population : 6.6 million
Leader/Leaders:CEO Arlsan
Government type:Hierarchy
Uniqueness: Biological weapons and being a company
Culture:Capitalism is life
Goal:Create Bio-weapons to take control of Planet.
Wants/Needs:MONEY,The world
Bio:FBC is a Company that controls its land via combat bots and its bio weapons.The FBC is also very advanced with its ability to creatw new species and AI.

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Not enough houses are in Poland to support my country. I need to house 1.2 million people by the end of this week. I send letters and transmissions to countries and other ships in orbit that have not landed yet for help.

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Hmm, two countries. We have two weeks until the end of the month. The country of Boxphid might have invented double layered cardboard by now, but that won't be enough. We need more people to settle on this planet. Also, I can get close ups of your country.

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Here is a more piratical way I claim a nice sizable amount of land. Tell me where and how much land you want by using the coordinates, note it just has to be a general area.
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