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Thanks all for your prayers, she's been here since Nov 27th now and everything is going great, though we probably should have timed the visit better with the holidays and all since we got a couple more of those in the Netherlands in December, we won't be able to make it permanent in time so she will have to go back in February, making the next time she will be here permanent.
Have you all have a safe old years eve tomorrow and a great 2016

In 5 days Ebony will get on a plane from Australia and travel to the Netherlands so we can be together, from there we will begin the legal process for her so she can stay here and we can get married and raise a family.
Which likely will be difficult in our current situation.
Please pray she has a save journey, and that she wont have to go back in 3 months.
Thank you and God bless.

Thanks for joining the community all :-) feel free to invite your contacts.
Please keep politics and discussing doctrine out of this group, we all have the same fundamental believe that we're saved trough Christ and that's what matters.
So let's keep this about praying and helping each other, no one stands alone

It is so important in todays world to keep our eyes focused on Y'eshua/Jesus Christ. Time is ticking down until we meet our Lord. G-D Bless you and hold you close. Amen
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