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1-no boy x girl roleplays

2- no hate

3- No spam

4- dont complain that you like girls not boys! Cause it ain't asking your sexuality

5- sexual roleplays are allowed

6- Romance and anything is allowed

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// Here's a roleplay... Dominant male or 'seme' may join.
// This is the first starter I've done in a very long time. You do not have to be quite as descriptive as I am going to be, but you do need to follow my requests. They are pinned to my profile for your convenience, so please, go read those and only comment to roleplay with me after you have. Thank you.

I was once a proper gentleman: a very well respected person. I was at the top of all my classes, and very well-liked. The key word is I was . It never occurred to me that it could change, until you came into my life and absolutely ruined me. All of this began back in highschool, around my freshman year. You were a rebel- a classic "bad boy" with all the cliches to go with the title. Ditching classes, smoking, cursing at teachers, flipping the bird excessively and tons of fights. I never wanted anything to do with you... you had even been held back a grade do to your crude behavior. Of all people it could've been, I don't know why you became interested in such a boring boy as me. Perhaps you just enjoyed the challenge of corrupting me. We were roommates back then, and you would always flirt and try to seduce me, to which I would respond "I'm not gay" each time. One day, you hit me with a question I couldn't ignore... "How do you know that?" Honestly, I had never experimented with a man before, and you caught on quickly. You offered to help me find out and one thing led to another. Next thing I knew you had taken my virginity and my heart. Ever since then, nothing has been the same.

You've always been a sadist, but from what you'd do to me I became masochistic. You turned me into your bitch in less then a month! You had me begging and pleading for you to fuck me, to slap me around, to tie me up- you had ruined me. We were so in love and by God the relationship we had was so unhealthy... Sex all the time, you getting out aggression on my poor body, myself always being touchstarved: it was a complete mess. You totally broke me, and had little to no resistance on my part. However, there have been some changes...

Route One

As much as we loved each other, we ended up parting just before college. Why? Well, it was because you had to go out of state for your college and by this time you had realized how much damage you had done to me. It's been many years, but now you're back in the state... You missed me terribly and showed up to my home with a big bouquet of flowers, ready to take me back and let me jump into your arms! As nervous as you were, you finally swallowed the lump in your throat and knocked on my door, and I opened it a moment later. "Hello..?" My voice was tired and there were deep bags under my eyes. A large bruise decorated my left cheek, and I just looked so emotionally and physically exhausted... it broke your heart to see me this way. Suddenly, the realization of who was standing in front of me flooded my senses. I smiled shakily and tears welled up in my eyes. "Oh my God- (Y/N)! Christ, I never thought I'd see you again!" I hugged you tightly with a warm embrace, sighing shakily then looking up at you as the tears overflowed and my brows furrowed. I placed my hand on your cheek and softly rubbed it with my thumb, whispering. "It's so great to see you again, my darling." You then...

Route Two

Our relationship from there only got more and more dependant. Neither of us could go a day without having some form of sexual interaction with the other. We'd mellowed down only a small bit since we've gotten older, and by now we lived together happily. You've got a little sex dungeon in the basement and oh, so many toys to use, and we still have a great sex life. Even if it wasn't hard and brutal, just the vanilla and affectionate sex was refreshing and satisfied us. Today was the anniversary of the first time you and I had sex and decided to get together, and you had something special planned for me today. I come home from work, exhausted, and I climbed onto your lap as you were seated in one of our big chairs. Placing my hands on your chest, I leaned forward and kissed you deeply, then pulling slowly away and licking my lips some. "I've missed you terribly today, daddy. It was a rough day at work..." I told you. Chuckling, you then...

Route Three

The relationship was purely sexual and unrequited. I was so in love with you, but you merely saw me as a play thing. You always had me collared and naked, on a leash tied to the stairs in your basement. You'd bring me dog bowls of food and as nutrition you'd often simply spray my tongue with golden showers or let me have your cum... of course, I'd have to work for those things. As you stepped downstairs today, I was feeling particularly needy. The buttplug with an embarrassing tail at the end was inside me, due to you having put it there hours prior. Your boot landed in front of my face and I licked the top and sole of it obediently and with no hesitation. "Hello, master... Are you here to feed me, sir? I'm ready to please you in any way I can." I said, desperation and helplessness in my eyes. You then...

// Tell me what route you want and your character's name before asking for a private post. My replies will definitely not be as long as this starter, I just enjoy to give options and some background.
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// I need a dominant male, please~ ^^
// My only requests are that you don't use text talk and keep it at at least 2 lines. Do your best with grammar~ This is the first roleplay starter I've ever done, so I'm sorry if it's trash ;v;

I'm one of your highschool students, being a senior this year. My birthday had recently passed and I turned eighteen! You invited me out to dinner for the occasion, saying I was one of your best students and you wanted to treat me. It's true that I was one of your best students, but that was also a bit biased. Why? You're rather infatuated with me... You've always been in love with the idea of dominating me and getting me alone- that's another reason you took me out tonight. I went to the restaurant's bathroom and you followed after me, locking the door behind you. Gently, you pinned me to the tiled wall and leaned down to my neck, planting small kisses on it. I became flustered and I looked away, furrowing my brows. "S-Sir..? What are you d... doing?" I muttered shyly. You then...

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Sexual Yaoi RP

Yuki- Uke/Seme

Yuki walked out of the shower and down the hallway to his room. He opened his room door and went inside, getting dressed.
After he finished dressing himself he went to his kitchen and made himself some rice.
He picked up his phone, as he had gotten a message from you, it read: Hey Yuki! Do you want to come over?
Yuki smiled at his phone and texted back saying sure.

(Comment if you wanna rp this or something else with me)

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Swigty swooty
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Hot XD
Not sure how I feel about this
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