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Hello there! This is going to be the rules and regulations for the G+ Pokemon Draft League.

1. This will be a points based draft system. You'll start out with 1000 points, which you use to spend on your 11 Pokemon. Each team will require a Tier 1, Tier 2, two Tier 3s, a Tier 4, Tier 5, and Mega. Megas have their own sub-tier based on how good they are, and will either cost you more points or give you points based on the Mega. You essentially have 360-440 points to use on 4 free picks, where you can choose any Pokemon from any tier, provided you have the points for it.

Tiers and other important things (WIP):

2. Z-Crystals are allowed on 3 Pokemon. One of them will be allowed to use Status and Offensive Z-Moves (Super Z-Users), while the other two can only use Offensive Z-Moves. Super Z-Users will be denoted with "***" and Offensive Z-Users will be denoted by "*".

3. The following are banned:
-Tapu Lele
-Battle Bond Greninja
-Baton Pass Speed + Other Stat
-Mewnium Z
-All Ubers

4. Each game will be held on Showdown, and its Showdown replay is due by 11:59 PM of that week's Saturday, EST.

5. If you do not upload your Showdown replay, then it is considered a 3-0 forfeit by you.

6. Trades will be allowed for Pokemon of the same tier, or between different tiers if you have extra points at the end of the draft. This will be Free Agency. (Example: trading a Tier 2 for another Tier 2, and trading a Tier 4 Free pick for a Tier 3 if you have 40 extra points left for Free Agency)


Oklahoma City Thundurus (OKC) +Crocodile Smash​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Showdown Name: LelLikeLel

Lehigh Valley Iron Heads (LVI) +Hazy Hurricane​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Showdown Name: Silicon the Dweeb

Atlanta Hawluchas (ATH) +Brandon Agent​​​​​​​​​​​
Showdown Name: Squirtlenerd

Cincinnati Bergmites (CIN) +Imperfect Cell​​​​​​​​​​
Showdown Name: z.n.t.

San Diego Ponytas (SAN) +wilhelm screamed
Showdown Name: Wilhelmscreamed

VfB Staraptor (VBS) +Timo Schuhmann​​​​​​​​​
Showdown Name: Mystic Meloetta

Atlanta Brave Birds (ATB) +Avadorm​​
Showdown Name: Anna_Is_A_Kid

Las Vegas Latias (LAL) +iiBreezy
Showdown Name: iiBreezy

I suggest you all leave, I might make this into a community.

Who're we waiting on now?

+iiBreezy​ I think I know your response but I wanna make sure

Team and Showdown Name?

While we wait for the new coach, we're going to draft the rest of our first round. The new coach will get the 8th pick, aka the other wheel pick.

+Champion Leaf​ Showdown and Team name?

When are the Battles?

+Crocodile Smash​​​​​​​ +Imperfect Cell​​​​​​​ +Timo Schuhmann​​​​​​​ +Brandon Agent​​​​​​​ +Avadorm​​​​​​​ +wilhelm screamed​​​​​

Now that we have all of our coaches, we can begin drafting. This will be a snake order, so when we reach the last team in that round, the order reverses.

Draft order:
1. San Diego Ponytas
2. Atlanta Hawluchas
3. Cincinnati Bergmites
4. Atlanta Brave Birds
5. Lehigh Valley Iron Heads
6.Oklahoma City Thundurus
7. Las Vegas Latias
8. VfB Staraptor

Reminder to look at the draft sheet for what tier each Pokemon is in.

Also, Z-Crystal users do not have to be decided until the end of the draft.

Now, we can begin.

+Avadorm​ Showdown and/or team name?

The reason why you were accepted late was because when I was going to approve you, my phone decided to not show you until a few hours ago for some reason.

Are There some special rules for draft league battles?
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