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Name: Black Hudson
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 190 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Apparel: Light, loose clothing

Weapons: A magic two-handed sword which can change into a 10 ft long scythe.
Powers: In my back, there is a magic circle which grants me five powers: Healing (Can heal from anything, even death), Strength (I'm stronger than any regular human could be), Wisdom (In the heat of battle, I have visions of the future to out-predict opponents), Durability (It is extremely hard to actually hurt me), and Speed (I can run a mile in 90 seconds). My powers go away if that part of the circle is damaged.

Personality: Reserved, murderous when it is necessary

Bio: As a child, his mother's only wish was for him to grow up safe, so she sold her soul in exchange for a spell to protect him. The Spell was cast, and Black's life was changed forever. He enlisted with the Magicians who casted the Spell, and while never mastering magic, became a master fighter, before leaving the group to work as a mercenary.

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    "There must be a balance in life. With life there must be death. With creation there will be destruction!"

[Name] Azrael
[Alias] The Shadow of Death.
[Gender] Male
[Race] Shadow Demon
[Age] Appears to be 17.
[Sexuality] Asexual

[Height] 5'8"
[Weight] 165
[Hair Color] Black
[Eye Color] Dark purple
[Skin Tone] Pale
[Normal Expression] Expressionless

    [Top] A simple black t-shirt, and bandaging around his arms and hands. He wears a cloak as dark as death itself which ties around in front of his neck.
    [Bottom] Leather pants, colored as dark as the night.
    [Footwear] Shoeless; he finds the fabric of a shoe annoying as it brings him further from the life-source of the planet.

    [Shadowcaster] A scythe bound to the sould of Azrael. Every piece of normal metal, from the handle to the guard on the top of the blade is black as the darkest nights. The blade itself is riddled with ancient text and glows an ominous purple.
        {History} Shadowcaster is a weapon of pure destruction. It has been passed down among the strongest Shadow Demons in existence, granting its wielder a bonus to their magic, 'cause their destructive capabilities to increase ten-fold.
            [Bonus Information] The handle of Shadowcaster is 15 feet long, the blade is 8 feet long, and the material that the weapon is made out of us light as air, causing easy handling.

[Magic] Shadow-Based magic.
    [Basic Description] Any form of shadow is a conduit for his magic. The form of the attacks can range between a small rock, and a pillar that could tower even the tallest of buildings.
    [Appearance of Magic] The shadows under Azrael's control have a slight red tint to them, fairly hard to spot unless you are truly looking for it.
        [Bonus Information] A strong magician of a light-based magic user could bind the Shadow-based powers for an extended time depending upon the casters level of power. The stronger the Shadow-Based magic users magic, the harder, and more tiring it would be to seal his magic away.
    [Shadow Blaster] Most basic of any Shadow-Based magic, it charges a blast of shadow energy releasing it in a sphere shaped attack.
    [Shadow Cutter] A slightly more advanced skill, taught early on to any Shadow Demon. It is generally used from a weapon conduit which could vary from a stick, or a full-sized real weapon._
    [Shadow Shield] As the name suggests this spell makes a shield. The shield can be used to protect a small object, the entirety of Azrael's body, or even an entire building.
    [Shadow Nucleus] The main destructive spell that Azrael uses. It can spark from the smallest of shadows and can consume something five times the size of the shadow that it came from.
    [Shadow Wings] This spell does as the name suggests, a pair of shadowy wings sprouts from the casters back allowing flight and faster traveling. The skill of the caster determines just how fast he can go using these wings before they break apart.

    [Direct Sunlight/Overly Bright Locations]
        In areas of which are too bright his magic will refuse to cooperate. The shadows can only slip into light if it is from that of artificial man-made sense or that of a weak magician. Natural light, aside from fire is too strong for the shadows to be able to hold form.
    [Total Darkness]
        In complete and total darkness his shadows cannot form a body of which would be able to pierce through the rest of the darkness. If the shadow of which the magic is attempting to go through is slightly lit, or not of complete darkness the magic can still manage to go through without much difficulty.

[Personality] Azrael is a serious demon, nothing is taken lightly and everything is considered an enemy. He finds that every fight he has ever been in has been nothing but boring and not worth his time. If a battle has the sense to heat up to the point of him actually needing to try he starts to enjoy himself. A mad grin will often-times spread across his face like someone who has the urge to kill and will not stop until the urge has been settled with the blood of the fallen victims. He is ruthless, and emotionless, the every day factors of life hold no importance to them and he just slips through the day like nothing has changed.

[Backstory of the Shadow Demons]
    Shadow demons have been around since the beginning of time, and have often times been used as reapers of god himself. Their skill with a Scythe (The weapon of Death) is known among every demon and the occasional intelligent human.
    The majority of Shadow demons keep hidden away, as they are a fairly ancient, and small race. The majority are asexual, meaning they can reproduce on their own and they normally make one offspring, the occassional Shadow Demon will make two or three, so the population slowly increases.
    One year the oldest and well known Shadow Demon made a pact with the devil himself to grant them the power of soulbound scythes that ended up becoming passed down between each of the strongest Shadow Demons. The scythe then became the symbol of power within these Demons.

[Azrael's Background]
    Azrael was the asexual spawn of a fairly strong demon, and with this rare exception the spawn happened to become stronger than the one it came from. Azrael killed his father at the age of five over the simple matter of not being able to go out into the fields where all the poor idiotic humans went to waste their afterlives. He wanted to go and "play" with the souls, but his father didn't want him to. Needless to say, Azrael got what he wanted and tortured the souls further, scaring them back to life every now and then just to have the die from suffocation again.
    Azrael found out about his soulbound Scythe when he was a mere ten years of age. He decided upon the name Shadowcaster. Quite fitting for a Shadow Demon like himself. He would train with his Scythe cutting down those who came before him, eventually becoming a ruthless demon who wouldn't let anyone come in his way without serious consequences, normally that being death itself.
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Age :18
Gender :Male
Race :Reaper equaliser

Reapers come in many different forms there is the: blue cross, blackbird, green vine, violet hood, red bull and finally the strongest and most resilient the equalisers they are called this because they can take the life of just about anyone from the reapers birth reapers a strong spectral and physical beings that are anything from givers of life to takers of it most reapers are seen daily but equalisers are very rare and feared amongst the other reaper types.

Weapons :The scythe and sickle of death 
Abilities : absolute cloak shrouds the entire area near him in the darkness of death
Hounds of hell summons mad cerberus to drag someone into hell
Angels from above angels come and pin target onto a wall or any object trying to open him for an attack
forced Hover He physically cannot touch the ground at any point in time he stands about a half inch off the ground 

Personality He is rude, and can be rash in his decisions, however he is very smart and can fix most problems he creates quickly.
Likes :death, equilibrium, learning.
Dislikes :People, destruction of knowledge, people to see his face.

He will never tolerate the destruction of something you can learn from, and seeks to know everything he can. being nearly immortal he can see more than most people, and does not care to talk,  despite knowing so much. 

Deaths Scythe with the ability to drain the soul out of any object or person and being as light as a shadow it can be wielded quickly and precisely the scythe itself is 8.9 ft in length and the  blade is 4 feet in length but the scythe has an aurora that is the soul taker that extends several feet outside of the away from the scythe the more souls absorbed the larger the aurora this weapon can destroy any spiritual material known

Deaths sickle  the weapon is mounted on a chain this weapon is said to be made out of material that per inch is about 1500 pounds death seems to use it flawlessly the weapon can destroy any physical material known 

death seems to become less powerful arround the presence of gold it is a never rotting or rusting material and it is considered to be in some way soulless as everything with a soul dies therefore both of his weapons are unuseful other than physical damage. gold is his only known weakness
(look at the celtic dullahan for a better explanation)
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"My soul is only to become stronger in the dead of night from the depths of hell"

[Name] Yuki
[Age] 17
[Gender] Female
[Height] ~5'4"
[Race] Dark Neko
[Apparel] ~My outfit is made from the depths of hell that contains the ability to be immune to fire and anything hot.  My eyes are ice blue but when you piss me off they turn a fiery crimson blood color as they seek the lust to see your blood splattered everywhere.

[Weapons] Shadow Blade made from Hell
My blade was created through evil souls that could not be contained by the devil so he had them locked away inside this dark sword. I have obtained the strength of this blade and my dark soul is growing bigger, however, with a warm heart. This blade only destroys when I want it to and when a light soul tries to harm me. It can't harm dark souls, it can only harm light souls. On the other note, this gives me leverage on who my true enemies are and who my allies are.

            Eye color changes: 
(BLUE TO RED): ~This ability makes her 5x stronger in battle. ~Strength Ability~
(BLUE TO GOLD): ~Gives Yuki the ability to see like a hawk when she is on the look out for predators. ~Assisting ability~
(BLUE TO PURPLE): Paralyzes others for 2 minutes when Yuki touches them. ~Strength Ability~
(BLUE TO GREY): ~Yuki is sleepy when her eyes change this color, she is at her most vulnerable state. ~No special attack ability~
(BLUE TO PINK):  ~Ability to seduce you. Ability to hypnotize to do what she wants(dirty work),  ~Assisting ability~
(BLUE TO WHITE): ~Ability to kill you quickly with a slight touch, however, this ability is not mastered due to lack of strength. ~Rare strength ability~

Weaknesses: ~Yuki can't be attacked with bright light. Doing so drains her abilities and makes her unconscious for a few moments. 
         When she uses her abilities too much it will drain her powers and she won't be able to draw her blade. When she isn't in the dark for long her soul begins to fade. 

[Personality] Yuki is extremely stubborn and doesn't like show offs. She also only comes out at night time. Yuki will say something to you if you decide to make a stupid decision. But if you try to get to know her and take time to hangout with her then she will be more than happy to be your friend. But it will take a long time for you to become friends with her due to her stubbornness and trust. Yuki is a tough girl but can actually be a huge softly, even though she puts up a strong front deep down she is very warm hearted. However, she will only be this way by getting to know her and she gets to know you. Once she is focused on one thing she will get her job done, she won't let anything distract her unless someone's life is in danger. When you are finally close with yuki she will do everything in her power to protect you.
        Taking into consideration of Yuki's personality, she can be easy to get along with but she is always going to go with her own opinion no matter what you say, even if you prove one point she will over think every word to come out of your mouth and will always be blunt with you. When Yuki has something to say she will say it not caring who you are.

[Bio] When Yuki was a young child when she first attended the Hell Academy. Her parents didn't want to have anything to do with her so she started on her own path after 10 years in the academy. Yuki finally decided to set out after the ten year education specializing in fighting and special abilities that she gained over years of practice. 
    Once Yuki turned 17 on October 13,  she wanted to start her own journey and attempt to make new friends. No matter what the circumstances were, she wanted to do her own thing and so now here she is beginning her journey in a sacred forest of the Arrivals.
When Yuki arrives there she doesn't see too many people because she had only just heard about this place. So Yuki looks around only to see tall trees that seem to have stood there for years, perhaps even from decades ago. The trees were somewhat godly to her bare eyes as she continues to explore every inch of this forest. She slowly starts to get comfortable with her surroundings as she was always use to seeing fire shroud over her every step and glance around. But when she looked around this time all she could see was light peering through the tall trees leaves as their shadows crossed one another.
After that moment she decided this was the life for her, adventure, not having to be stuck behind books all day and doing something that actually interested her. 
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It was dark and quiet, you had stepped out of your house for some fresh air when you see it. A boy, covered in blood clutching his arm, his eyes a peircing red but he had a strange satified smile on his face. He appeared to be heading home, one of his eyes had a scrath on it, his body bruised and dirty, his coat and shirt were torn with scratch marks. He had made it into the town when he suddenly dropped to his knees when you~

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"One can only be bad if you see the light shine through you as my blade pierces your darkness "

[Name] ~Miki
[Age] ~17
[Gender] ~Female
[Race] ~Light Fairy Neko
[Sexuality]  ~Straight
[Height] ~5'4"
[Weight] ~115
[Eye Color] ~Gold Hazel
[Hair Color] ~Dark Brown
[Apparel/Clothing] ~Miki wears a special outfit handmade for her by fairy friends. This special dress was woven together by the fairies making her outfit resistant to all dark magic. She can only get hurt by physical contact. When this specially made dress is taken off she is just a normal girl with good fighting skills. The tiara upon her head harvests the evil magic that is thrown at her and she can use the dark magic against the own use, however, this has no meaning to it if the dark magic user is immune to other dark magic.
[Overall Appearance] ~Miki is fairly pale with peering Golden Hazel eyes that will have you in "Ahh". Miki prefers to be barefoot however. She is more in touch with her cat side than her actual human side. Miki has a cute ankle frill strap and collar that she got from her mom long ago.

Blade of Tears:
~Miki's slender blade is resistant towards all dark and light magic. Her sword is handcrafted by special fairies from the deepest part of Altar forest. When crafting this magical weapon, they dipped it into a lake filled with the tears of fairies keeping it from ever shattering. 
         ~Weakness~ when people other Miki touches this sword it weakens the weapons strength and slightly hurts Miki. When Miki first met the fairies she came to them asking for a strong weapon, but the fairies had one condition. Miki is to protect them from darkness. So when darkness comes close to Miki, she gets slightly hurt because she made a deal with the fairies of Altar Forest to protect them from darkness.
Fairy Kissed Dagger
~This light quick dagger is easy to use for Miki. When she swings this weapon around it is like swinging around a feather to her. This is a speed weapon and cuts through anything without a problem. In the blink of an eye your head could easily come off if you aren't to careful around her. This weapon was also made for Miki by the Altar Forest Fairies. This dagger was made with care and trust.
            ~Weakness~ This weapon can easily be broken by dark magic if over used. Needs a blacksmith after every battle.
~Miki's tiara~
 Her tiara can suck in dark magic that attempts to hurt her, then after a bit of harvesting of dark magic, Miki car hurl their own power back at them. This ability is of no use if the person is immune to dark magic.
~Miki's Eyes~
Her Golden Hazel eyes aren't just their for looks. Miki's eyes have fairy sight that allows her scan the area she is in. This helps Miki when she gets lost or if she looking for someone or something.

           Likes: ~Apples, gazing at the night sky, relaxing in trees, ribbons, and being stubborn.
           Dislikes: ~Evil Souls, rude people, yelling/shouting, when others hurt the people she cares about.
[Personality]  Miki is a calm collect girl. She has a hard time trusting people on the other hand. When she was younger she was always happy and outgoing. But now that she is older she has calmed down and learned to take it slow and loves to adventure. Miki can tend to space off when there is something "un-important" to her. 
       All in all Miki is very adventurous and loves to be around people. However she does not like to be crowded by tons of people. She prefers to be high off the ground and will only walk with you unless you ask her, otherwise she will stay up in the trees. Miki is fun and loving, but will take time to gain her trust.
When Miki was just a kit, her dad died and so she lived with her mom alone for 10 years.  After she turned 12 Miki decided to go into Magic school so that when she reached the age of 18 she could venture out on her own to the City of Altar where her dad had lived half his life, and met Miki's mom.  Miki had always dreamed of going there ever since she turned 6. She studied hard and returned back home 3 years later being the age of 15 years old and not forgetting her dream.
    When Miki returned home, her mom spoke to her about the amazing adventures her father and mother had, Miki's interest got peeked even more after the story of adventure and love. This made Miki become so excited about it that she could never stop talking to her mom about it, and it always brought a smile to her moms face because it reminded her of the happy days with her beloved. Unfortunately Miki had no idea of her moms illness that she kept hidden from her and everyone else. 
    After it turned night time, Miki went to wake her mom up to talk to her more about their adventures. But she couldn't wake her up, Miki had no idea what was going on and was terrified.  Miki dropped to her knees almost instantly with tears pouring from her eyes not knowing what to do. Later that week there was a funeral and Miki wore her moms favorite Frill ankle strap and collar, along with the tiara they used to play dress up with.
     Miki was the last one to be at the funeral just standing there until everyone left and once they were all gone she stepped slowly towards her mothers casket and placed her right hand over her heart and her left hand upon the casket confused as to why she never told her that she was ill. Maybe it was because she wanted to see Miki smile still after her father died.
    This is when Miki decided to venture out on her own and start her life. This way she could leave the painful memories behind, but she will never forget her parents. 
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Thinks to myself
I can't believe I am on my own is rather nice being out here in the dark starry night in the town of Altar
Takes in a deep breath and smiles slightly then speaks wide awake due to the starry night sky as the moon fills the sky
I love the night, its relaxing and I am at my strongest. I swear though if i see any of those day walkers I will go berserk! I don't like people who were like my parents...they deserve to go to hell giggles mischievously
Aha! I made a good joke. It is rather ironic in a way though...smirks and stares up into the moon and sits down in the middle of Altar central on the fountain edge
~You then approach me from out of know where~

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climbs up into a tree rather quickly and relaxes myself on top of a big branch then closes my eyes watching the sun trying to peek through the thick leaved trees
Hmm, how relaxing it is today. There is a slight breeze and I brought my favorite snack
Pulls an apple from my bag holding it closely to my mouth and takes a bite with a smile and slightly puts my feet in the air happily
Mmmm! So good! I put my bare feet back onto the branch as I happily eat my apple
I hear footsteps below me and I get quiet, investigating the sound while my ears twitch rapidly and my tail sways seeing you walking and you  then sense me above getting the feeling somebody is watching you
You look up into the tree and see me staring down at you with big beautiful golden hazel eyes
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