Does anyone use Google Tasks for GTD? I was thinking, since you can only see one list at a time it might be best to use the lists like Contexts in the GTD system. Then you can see the tasks that are appropriate for where you are right now and don't get distracted by tasks you can't do now.

Any thoughts?

Google Task would still be great if they would update it to function like Business Tasks in Business Calendar 2. They have the complete system worked out with repeating Tasks that syncs perfectly with Google Tasks. It is only available through the Google Play Store. Those who use Chromebooks that have Android Apps working can get the Program. My Acer does not get the Google Play Store yet. I am hoping that it will soon. I love Google Apps, I wish they would tweak Google Tasks to function like Business Calendar 2 Tasks!! Has anyone else tried this software?

How to sort out all the tasks by dates by including all the categories, in google agenda

Has anyone else had their Tasks stop syncing to their phone? I've emailed the app developer for the Android app that I use, but haven't heard back. Mine stopped syncing at 6:32PM 10/27 (at least that's when the phone reports as the last time that my Google Tasks synced. I really depend on Tasks, and this is really frustrating me. Thanks!

EDIT: I thought I'd include the app info in case anyone is successfully syncing Tasks with another app. But, the settings seem to suggest the issue is with the Google account not syncing, not the app malfunctioning.

Can you share your task list? Not email it - Share it?

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A fork of the Google Tasks chrome extension. But this one works!
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Is there a solution to the Google Tasks <--> Google Reminders separation? Or is there a way to email directly into Reminders? I realize this is the  Google Tasks community, but am hoping that someone has given thought to this. I'll look for a google Reminders community and ask there too.

Can someone tell me where I can find google tasks ?

So is there a way to email or text tasks directly to Google Tasks? I know of the +Zapier connectivity, but there isn't a way to text info TO Zapier at the moment.

Reason being, I often get text coupons from places, and I want to be able to forward it directly to my Google Tasks. Previously I was using +IFTTT to create a +Springpad task, but since Springpad is shutting down I need another option.

You should buy Todoist.
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