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1.No mature references. This is a clean community. Inappropriate posts will be deleted, and the sender possibly banned.

2.Don't spam. Nobody likes it.

3.Try not to hate. Just please don't

4.(not an actual rule) Subscribe to my channel! It's what this community is about!

5. Use clean language. That is a sub-part of the first rule.

6. BE AWESOME!!!!!

Is anyone still here

its kinda awkward how no one does anything here now its just dead xD

Hey Geoff, many thanks for joining my community, even though i know you are not into call of duty. It really means alot, thanks for the awesomeness! Keep it up bro!

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I found a cat in my garden and it won't leave. Look at it! It's so kawaii!

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Kyles community. Check out his youtube. It's in my recommended channels

Hello everyone! I'm new here so don't rape me. +Tnttechnition V I just happened to find you in my recommended peoples list! I just watched your TF2 The Dragon The Knight and The Archer.
I've subscribed to your awesome channel and liked your video!

Thanks, From Robert Hall

Hey guys I'm might not be able to go on hangout or lessors for a while family issues so I'm using my old iPod to send this message hope you understand

ive seen your sneak peek for Aura kingdom and i feel like your going to do a great job in that franchise of game so im rooting for you and that was my first video ive seen from your channel and i really like going to check out some others right now and good luck on your youtube channel :D
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