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Welcome to the future of the world: Cyber City! A place were the rich rule with there business. A lot are happy, but a few are unhappy with the poor treatment and became hackers to destroy the business with their high-tech equipment. Now which side are you on, the business or the hackers.

1. Must have an approved profile before roleplay
2. Respect all members, mods, and Owner
3. Do not ask to be a mod, only people I trust
4. You may have multiple profiles
5. Only limited spots for business owner, first come first serve
6. No spam, reshare etc.
7. Have fun!

Owner or Hacker:
Business (owner only)
Lover (optional)
Family (Optional)

Owner: +Brunhilde Moto


Business Owners:
+Yara Moto​ (Moto Corp)

"Don't touch nothing, Don't break nothing, and for the love of Ra, Please Behave." Yami said desperately to his younger siblings, who just shrugged.
"Fine." They said calmly. Yami groaned.
"Let's just head inside...." He said leading them to the building

"I look stupid." Yami said. Brunhilde rolled her eyes, but straighten his suit.
"You look fine, it's Yara's job requires scram before your late, we'll come there later." Brunhilde said pushing him out. Yami rolled his eyes then started to trek to his lovers job. When he arrived, he waited, ignoring the secretary's flirts.

(continued RP with +Yara Moto​)

Name: Ryan
Age: 16
Owner or hacker: Hacker
Bio: I was born rich, and enjoyed the luxuries of the wealthy. However, I was fascinated with programming, the manipulation of code to learn information. One day, I was snooping around online, and came across a scandal surrounding a large business. I reported it, but the business intercepted the message and recognized my name. I lost my home, and dived ever deeper into coding. Now I am an expert hacker, looking for an area to use my skills.

"Remind me again why I have to go?" Yami talked into he head set irritated
"You lost the coin toss! Now just try and get the tech and get out!" Brunhilde said. Yami groaned and looked at the building he had to get into
"Moto Corp....."

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Name: Yami Sennen
Age: 27
Lover: Atem
Bio: has been part of corps before, once he learned how to hack, he vanishes. Now he's back in the slums where i teach the next generation of hacking. I have my lover atem by my side now, but some business corps are after me for hacking them...

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Name: Aquamarine, or Aqua
Age: 17
Lover: N/A
Family: Older twin, Yami and little sister, Brunhilde
Bio: Aqua is the so called "Nerd" of the Star Hackers, due to the fact he knows he's knowledge of the buisnesses they hack into. While he's increadibly shy and timid, he will step up to lead when Yami acting stupid so he's the true leader. He can create codes for Yami's robots, but he perfers to use his codes to create video games

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Name: Atem Sennen
Age: 28
Lover: Yami
Bio: my father owns one of the most powerfulest companies in Cyber City.....Sennen Corp! And I was heir to his empire.......however I was sicken by how he and the other companies treated I turned my back on my forced path....and headed down my own path.....the path to save the people from the companies like my father' I live in the slums....where at first I wasn't accepted because the people knew who i was......but I've slowly proven I'm on their side.....after all my knowledge of how the companies work is pretty valuable. I've also fell in love with a handsome young man named Yami.....who I would gladly die for!

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Name: Yami
Age: 17
Lover: +Yara Moto
Family: His twin, Aqua, and Little Sister, Brunhilde
Bio: Yami is the "leader" of the Star Hackers, a trio of orphaned siblings. He takes the responsibility to watch over them even though they can take care of themselves. He loves to create gadgets and robots to help infiltrate business, but when he's at home he perfers to lay around, eat, play video games, or make music
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