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"Arrogance is the conjoined twin of ignorance"

Names: Lily And Ruberta
Species: human

These twins are creepy but very kind
About Lily
Personality:kind,bubbly,don't anger her or make fun of them

About Ruberta
Personality: sad,shy,protective,and careful
Likes:her time with lily,writing

Bio:born Oct, 31st,1925 these twins twins can read each others minds and hate when others make fun of them or call them evil their act is tightrope

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Name: William

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Personality: kind, selfless

Likes: weird things, mysteries

Dislikes: bullies

Bio: He was known to all as an orphan on the streets, but on his own, he solved a lot of mysteries and learned how to fight crime by himself

Hello everyone I will be filling in for +Leader Of The Insane Children​ so while the Leader is away the kitten will play lol anyway if you have a profile that needs accepted or have any questions feel free to tag me rhanks!

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Name: Aspen Willow

Stage Name: The Doll

Age: Was Made October 31 1999

Gender: Female

Species: Living Puppet Doll

Stunts Or Act: Does ballet is Very flexible due to how I was made.

Personality: Very shy is cheerful now that she is with people whom care about here. She is very Protected over her friends No wait Her Freak Show Family.

Likes: Loilita Dresses, Flowers, willow tree's, and Pastel Colors.

Dislikes: Being booed, Bullys, Rude Audience members Like seriously if you came to be rude to us Leave the Show.

Bio: Was created on Halloween that gave her the blessing of becoming a real life Puppet Doll. Her old owner was rude to her and treated her as if she was nothing at first she couldn't do anything about it because He controlled her But she eventually ran away and The Freak show she is scared he will come for her but she is now Happy with the new Family she has.

Appearance: Wears ballet clothes And Loitia dresses. Also Her hair is Bright red and her eyes are a Pastel Purple.
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Name: Tusks

Show name: Inked Beast

Gender: male

Species: Elephant

Stunts: carries a colorful torch around the areana, ride around, can break any chains, and can walk on his hind legs for 5 minuets

Likes and dislikes: likes colorful things, loves peaches. Dislikes loud bangs and is very fearful of fire besides his torch

Bio: born in a circus he would follow his mother around the areana and kids could pet him. One night during a performance the tent caught fire and in the hysteria he lost his mom, he was found the next day in critical condition with burns and cuts but his mom lived. After treatment his scars were unsightly and the circus decided to tattoo over his scars, it was painful but he had black tribal marks over the scars now. Many of kids became scared of how he looked so, the circus sold him to the freakshow. He hates fire for his past and loud bangs too. He fell in love with the fruit peaches for thier sweet taste.
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(I thought I'd remake this character. I liked him out of all of them.)

Name: Alex

Alias: The Beast Changer

Age: 17,000

Gender: Male

Species: Fallen Angel

Stunts: Changes into any animal/ Beast even 'mythical'

Personality: nice, friendly, quiet

Likes: animals, people who are nice to animals, nature, night sky, demons, Angels, God

Dislikes: animal abusers mainly

Bio: He was a trusted angel among heaven, and loved all creations of God. He even took his love for all of Gods creation so far as to cause himself to be cast out of heaven, and become a friend to almost every animal. He stayed in the forest for thousands of years changing into every animal and surviving with them, bringing them together practically. When he heard a group of travelers talk about a freak show in town he decided to be part of the show and now works as the beast changer transforming into every animal known to man and even adding his own special touch to it.

(My character is already approved I had to remake the template because I made a new account.)
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Name: NyNyna Bell Ghou ((call her Nyny))

Age: 16

Gender: Genderless 

Species: (Or if you're just a human with something off you can explain it or whatever.) Human prophet 

Stunts or what you do in the show: cortornist,or a being sawed apart

Personality: bubbly,and freaky,usually very sweet and strange

Likes: bunnies,scary things,comfy cortornist positions

Dislikes: mean people,abusers,smack talk,being beat

Bio: She was created by a wise demon named Mimile and was raised by her until she ran away to join a freak show 

Wow. It's seriously been that long since I've seen this rp. Last time I was here we had like 20 people 😂😂😂 hey +Leader Of The Insane Children should I remake my characters or can I make some new ones?

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Name: ???

Alias: Ori-Gama

Age: Rumored to have been born in 105 AD, the year Origami was created

Gender: identified as a male

Species: Takes the form of a tall human, but his true race identification is unknown

Performance: summons a giant book of living pages, which come to life and transform into a variety of Origami creations, though he favors butterflies

Likes: Origami, Pap (his sentient Origami friend. About 3ft tall. Usually speaks for him since Ori-Gama doesn't speak that well/often

Dislikes: Fire. Pap in distress

Bio:_Ori-Gama has no factual origin, but stories say that he is the son of death, sent to destroy the world, but he got distracted by Origami. His father was so mad that he took away Ori-Gama's immortality, but not his magic. Ori-Gama pleaded for his father to give back his immortality, so Death gave Him A tome of Living paper, each page infused with souls. Deaths last words to Ori were _"Death is silent... Fold the pages of Fate and the World will be yours..."
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Name: Amelia Achandia

Stage Name: The Mannequin

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Living Doll

Stunts or what you do in the show: Make my body parts float and move around on there own

Personality: Caring, Sweet, Nice

Likes: To freak people out

Dislikes: People who hit hurt since her body can break easily

Bio: When she was made by a person the person happened to put a soul into her doll body and it made her come to life and when it did he was surprised to see her living and she left him since her maker would always hit her now she is part of the Freak Show and she has impressed countless people by what she can do with her own body parts like dismember them and each part moves on there own
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