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Social Architecture is defining the new Marietta Arts District. Join the discussion here and read our progress to date in the link below.

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To help flow all the thousands of people who want to collaborate, intern, and work with us, we are designing a new method for our HR flow. Check out this conversation to better understand how to help in that process & provide your feedback.

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A new loft design we'll be using in The Sacreds
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If you desire to work in an internship with us, devoting 2-3 full days per week for the entire course of your program is the only way to fully learn and immerse yourself in our culture.
You're welcome to do less as a volunteer, though we don't consider this an internship program and no credit will be given.

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We will be recruiting an Appenticeship in Curriculum Design over the weeks ahead. Any current staff interested in designing educational curriculums for staff, do get in touch. You can see a similar position in the attached link.

"The Apprenticeship Instructional Designer works under the general supervision of the Director of Distance Education. The Instructional Designer provides instructional, multi-media and program design expertise for the development and support of online and blended courses. This involves working with faculty and staff to design, develop, and create high quality courses that incorporate best practices in pedagogy, methodology, use of digital content, and course outcomes."

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I'm working on this book this week for our HR Department and an Employee Handbook of sorts.  This is my solution to teach everyone our company philosophy, how to best work with us, and also for our HR to expand our team.
We will treat it more like a team motivation guide and collaborative handbook that you'd give a sports team as opposed to an employee manual.   
Click the link to join the creation.
Dream in Reality
Dream in Reality

+Matt Hackney in regards to Public Relations interns, how can they help with current and up-and-coming projects within our communities. What advice would you give them on where they should begin?

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I have a new project for an iOS App if any UX designers want to get involved.  Feel free to check out our desktop software.  We will be prototyping new UX/UI in our OneNote for this software in the months ahead.

+Rucha Shukla 

Our websites are up and running.  We are opening our doors to people who want to get involved with us in a few ways.  
The Sacreds:
Join The Sacreds to build a video game with us & understand Sacred Geometry

Jivva: - Join here and start writing articles for us.  Journalists, and those interested in gadgets, gears, girls, games all should get involved on this project.  

FitnHot: - Join FitnHot to learn modeling tips, beauty secrets, and who to incorporate the Phi Ratio into your life.  Assist top models, celebrity trainers, and yoga teachers in their message.

Blue Sky Valley Farms:
Join here if you are into permaculture, landscape architecture, farmers markets, orchards, and family life.  We even have opportunities to come live on our property and get involved with us.

We are activity-oriented.  Feel free to hop onto these sites and start contributing.  We no longer have an interview process. Instead, we like to see who is the most pro-active on our projects and then offer further involvement from there.

Thanks everyone!

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Hello, everyone, welcome!  please introduce your self and join us in this link:, also, please give us some feedback, thoughts, ideas and we will move and improve together!  Thanks, Monique Gong
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