The Book:

"In the beginning..."
This is the first lie, and possibly the biggest one. The assumption of a beginning. Notice how God doesn't seem to require a beginning? Like all fiction, it requires that one postpone disbelief.

Where does a person begin? The atoms that make up your body were existing billions of years before you were conceived. Can you determine what those atoms were doing before you became a person? Well, the same can be argued about the substance of the whole universe. Just stating that there was a beginning in no way proves that there was. The truth is, we just don't know.

It seems like the assumption of knowledge is a great evil. Better to be humble in one's ignorance, than to be proud in one's conceit. 

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Written word / Antichrist.

All must bow down before it.
Tree of knowledge = Library.
Solomon calls it a 'Great Evil' ~ Ecclesiastes. 2:19-21
All nations are deceived by Her sorceries; Revelations; sorcery = magic = spells = written word/ the law.
Mark of beast; mark = number or writing; right hand used for writing.
How does a serpent speak? compare tracks left by snake in dust, and Hebrew or Arabic writing.
Enoch 68. 

The written word is the antichrist. Cannabis is the Christ.

Psilocybin is John the Baptist, Amanita Muscaria is the Holy Ghost.

Leave off cannabis, so you may enjoy the comforter.
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