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I've started working on adapting the Proteus setting and game to Fate Core. Here's a not-so-quick post discussing some elements of the Fate system that will likely prove important to the project.
A lot of this is just me thinking out loud as I process through everything.

How would Human religion change?
For those of you that expressed interest in helping develop the game world of Ortellum, let's start with this deceptively simple question.

Thinking about Earth's major religions (for starters) and advancing them into the future about a hundred years, how would these religions evolve in reaction to:
The destruction of Earth, including any holy sites and most likely all religious leaders.
Discovery and colonization of a new planet.
Discovery of and relations with multiple sentient "alien" species.
A second catastrophic event which eliminates most advanced technology.

I've got quite a few ideas about what kinds of new religious beliefs might pop up, but how the more dominant religions (and their respective variations/sects) might react merits greater discussion.

It occurs to me that religions which do not place as great an emphasis on how the origins of man and the world or any beliefs regarding future events (Buddhism comes to mind) might be able exist with relatively little change.  On the other hand, religions which maintain strong positions on such subjects might find adapting to these events more challenging.

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Quick overview of humanity's early interactions with native Ortellan species:

When the Exodus arrived in orbit around Ortellum, the crew began eagerly analyzing the planet from orbit in the hopes it would prove hospitable to human life.  What they found was a world rich in plant and animal life beyond their wildest imaginations.  Even more amazing were the satellite images that indicated the presence of civilizations across one of the major continents.  Despite the potential risk, the decision was made that settling on this continent provided the greatest opportunity for humanity’s survival.

First Contact & Northern Species
Humanity’s first contact with a sentient alien species was with the Seitarin, which quickly led to friendly relations and introductions to the Melkar and Lannari, all of whom live in the northern regions of the continent where Humans chose to settle.  Mankind also encountered another species, the nomadic Raagon, but unfortunately this meeting did not go as well as the others.  The Raagon viewed the presence of Humans so close to their territory as a threat, which led to a conflict that could only be described as mankind’s first war on an alien planet.  The Seitarin also introduced humanity to the Tra’Quil, a strange bird-like species that lives in colonies in forests throughout the continent.

Southern Species
Eventually, mankind also learned of other species living in the southern regions of the continent, including the Fllorien and the Yidiku.  While approaches to the isolationist Fllorien were met with hostility, encounters with the Yidiku were more positive and friendly.

The Phylan Threat
As ambassadors developed humanity’s relationship with the Seitarin and other species they began to learn more about the history of their new home.  The fact that so many of Ortellum’s native species seemed to have only recently ventured out into the world had puzzled Human leaders since their arrival, but this was explained once they learned of the Dire War, a time during which all of the known native races faced near extinction at the hands of a malevolent race of plant-like beings known as the Phylans.  Though the Phylans have since all but disappeared, they nearly conquered the entire planet and may still pose a significant threat.

Trying to reach +Brad Tennyson​. I attempted to reply to your offer to help with Proteus, but for some reason your email address came back unrecognized. Feel free to email me directly at or reach out to me here in the Proteus community. 

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Enjoy worldbuilding, sci-fi or fantasy games, game design, or just want to help create something?
Interested in helping with Proteus?

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Working on some updates to the website.
Includes more details on Project Alpha, along with alpha chapters.
Also created a section containing lists of available opportunities to assist with Proteus, including available artist commissions.

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Just posted one of the basic creation myths for the planet Ortellum, along with a brief description of how the Maker's language is coming along.

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I recently purchased Realm Works, a program for world and campaign management from the makers of Hero Lab, to aid in organizing my continued worldbuilding efforts.

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In preparation for a number of discussions on different genres in games and movies, I thought I'd start things off with a simple poll:
Which of these genres is your favorite?

Why only these four options?  These are the four basic genres most relevant to Proteus.
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