I am happy to be part of google gides.

James c

Just created a status and when trying to choose circles for sharing on iOS, found that my personal circles are grouped. Can't I share to specific circles any more? The grouped button looks like Acquaintances, Friends, Following, Colleagues, Family Circle Button"" Any thoughts?

I'm just wondering how some of you using talkback feel about no elements for headings being supported and android OS? It has become a big issue because of the WC a G success criteria 1.3.1 and 4.1.2. Do you find it difficult to navigate pages and or screens without the heading element? What alternative have you use for identifying sections of text on a page? Any other comments you have or suggestions for navigating without the heading element are welcome.

Thanks to all of those who commented on my question on how to share this community outside of Google plus. The suggestions given for using the web view was the one that work the best for me. Thanks again.

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Alternative Interfaces
Nice & quick overview of how Google+ has been improving accessibility in our Android app and a tutorial on how your apps can do the same: https://www.novoda.com/blog/alternative-interfaces/

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And here is the new version of the Google+ app, with accessibility improvements, of course. Enjoy!

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Google+ Accessibility
You may have noticed that I regularly call out the number of "accessibility issues addressed" in our releases. Accessibility plays a big role in our ongoing efforts and in the new Google+, we've optimized user interfaces on Android, iOS, and the Web for easier navigation with screen readers and keyboard controls. In the past year alone, we've found & fixed over 450 accessibility bugs.

Some recent updates:
* Improved keyboard support on the web: navigate, comment, +1, create new posts, and more
* Improved interactions with posts using both Talkback on Android and VoiceOver on iOS that save people significant time and effort
* Search accessibility improvements on all platforms, with autocomplete results announced when they're available

You can read more about accessibility support on the Google+ Help Center page (https://support.google.com/plus/answer/6320404), and be sure to check out the user-created GPlus Accessibility Community (https://plus.google.com/communities/108884766040433463186).

As always, we're continuing to listen to your suggestions and ideas. So please keep them coming using the Send Feedback menu item.

Android Google+ 7.1 has great accessibility/usability improvements when navigating stream with screen reader (confirmed with Google TalkBack and Samsung Voice Assistant).
1. Next/previous post buttons.
2. Only one element to interact with for entire card.
3. All post actions available by double-tapping on card.
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