Has anyone gotten chrubuntu to work on an acer c910-c37p? Preferably elementary os.

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So I've been running Chrubuntu on an Acer C710 for the last few years; I only use the machine intermittently but I've been pretty happy with it in general. Unfortunately, I managed to hose the installation badly enough that it thought it'd be easier to wipe & reinstall Linux than fix it... turns out that this is way easier said than done.

I understand that the 'classic' Chrubuntu script is now abandoned; among other things, it seems to be pointing at a dead URL on the Ubuntu website. Is this the only known issue with it, or have ChromeOS updates broken it completely?

Looks like the 'new' replacement for Chrubuntu is chrx, which doesn't support the C710; do I have any other options? Is Crouton still alive?

While my Acer C710 was upgrading to 16.04, the install bricked the machine. Had to do a complete reinstall of Chrome and developer bios. Then tried to install Chrubuntu using scripts s9ryd, tnyga, i817v, and 9sgchs (my origiinal). All broken links (I guess). Tried to install Crouton using script fd3zc. Got error msg "/usr/local/chroots/precise is not an ext filesystem". Has anybody LATELY used a script for either which still works?

Just installed Crouton (trusty) on pixel 2. After update, launcher would not load. Using "$ compiz --replace" would get the launcher, but launcher will disappear on next log-in. Any lasting solutions?

I was attempting tp install Ububtu as a dual boot on my 2012 Samsung Chromebook. I was following Jay Lee's instructions, but didn't read far enough ahead, and ran the script that repartitioned my internal drive instead of installing on an SD card.

The script seemed to hang. There was no activity for over 15 minutes, just the chronos user prompt. So I shut down and restarted. My Chromebook woke up ok, but I am concerned that the free space shown in my Downloads folder is only 447MB.

Is this the normal amount of free space on an otherwise empty 16GB Chromebook? If not, then I suspect that the SSD has been repartitioned, and half of it is not accessible.

Can I get some guidance to restore the partition to full size?


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So in the past, I installed Windows 10 from a certain subreddit. But little did they WARN users to backup their original BIOS before flashing a custom one. I reverted back to ChromeOS since then, and my chromebook doesn't seem to be complete.

I'm trying to now install GalliumOS, but my chromebook just beeps when I hit ctrl L or space. Booting into ChromeOS like usual.
Here's what I see when I first turn on the chromebook:

And here's what I see when I try pressing space: http://prntscr.com/a2zweq

Is all hope lost when it comes to installing GalliumOS?
I can currently boot into crouton so I believe developer mode is enabled. I can press esc + refresh + power button and I'll see this screen: http://prntscr.com/a2zxbc

With this displayed in the top right: http://prntscr.com/a2zxhw

I'm folliowing the official guide for installing GalliumOS on C720 Peppy: https://wiki.galliumos.org/Installing/Peppy

What can I do, install a custom rom again and boot GalliumOS that way? Because my default rom is not having it. I have my bootable USB already and plugged in.

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Hey guys. I want know How to install Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr on a window (using crouton integration extension) of my Acer C720-2848?

I wait your answer, how make it step by step and your experiences.

Remember I do not want Xcfe, I want Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr on a window of Chrome OS.

Does anyone know if I can install either ubuntu or chrubuntu onto a flash drive to use with my toshiba 2 chromebook. I've tried desparately to install it directly onto it but it keeps saying there is not enough memory even though I've cleared all my downloads and apps?
I really need help please? 
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