Is chrubuntu dead?  I have tried many versions of ubuntu using the s9ryd script and it only produces a black screen after installation.

hello! i have one Acer C710-2487 and want install Chrubuntu, but i cant do it. Plz Help me!!!

Hi, I just installed #chrubuntu  in a SD card.
I tried to boot Ubuntu in my Samsung chromebook, but I got this warning:

WARNING: Booting from external media (USB/SD) has not been enabled. Refer to the developer-mode documentation for details

I enabled it from a console:
sudo crossystem dev_boot_usb=1

But if I reboot now and press CTRL+U  I just  get a beep, then a double beep and finally boots into ChromeOS ...

The SD card contains ChrUbuntu, I've checked that. Anyone knows how can I start Ubuntu? 

Hello, recently, I was able to get Xubuntu-15.04 to load on my samsung XE303C12, however besides the small graphical issues, I am unable to run the sound. If you'd like more info, like screen shots ect. respond with what you need. I've tried reinstall-force reload, and still nothing. ChromOS still boots with sound, but no go on Linux.


+Jay Lee  can you help me understand why after upgrading to 15.04 on my Samsung Chromebook I cannot see any network? from lshw -C network I just get a blank return. Not sure what to do. Thanks.

Thinking of getting a Toshiba Chromebook 2 and wanting to put Linux on it. I would rather just be 100% natively installed , or as close as can be anyway. Not real interested in the crouton method unless it's a last option.. Anyone have any success doing this on the Toshiba Chromebook? Warnings, thoughts and issues? Thanks

ugggh. I've spent quite a bit of time trying to Google clear instructions for noobs for installing Chrubuntu on a Chromebook. Installing Cruton is suuuper easy but I want to give Chrubuntu a try.

Specifically, I want to try installing linux on an SD card and booting from that. I just don't know enough about Linux to follow the instructions on GitHUB. I don't know what this means: sudo dd bs=4M if=/path/to/distro.iso of=/dev/sdx && sync

I don't know what path/to/distro.iso is, and I don't know what of=/dev/sdx means. 

I have cruton installed, so I should be able to use Ubuntu to create the image on my SD card if I could just figure some of these little things out.

Does anybody know of an up to date location for instructions regarding this? Something that doesn't assume I'm a Linux wizard? There are plenty of tutorials for dummies for Cruton but all the Chrubuntu stuff seems to assume I know what I'm doing.


does anyone know the wifi fix for chrubuntu (curl -L -O; sudo bash 9sgchs) because i have it on my acer c720 but it only works for the wifi i installed it on. if i try to connect to another one it doesnt work

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FYI... Running the Chrubuntu installer from the current Dev channel doesn't work.  It always results in the error of "missing or damaged", specifically "No bootable kernel found on disk".  If I run Chrubuntu from the Stable channel and then come back and upgrade Chrome OS to the Dev channel it does work.

I am running Chrubuntu on my asus chromebox.
Recently, I tried to upgrade the linux kernel.
I can install the kernel without an issue.
However, the system still boot with the original kernel (3.8.11), not the newer version. I tried 3.14, 3.16, 3.17, 3.18. None of them worked. Does anyone ever successfully install the newer kernel?
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