Is Chrubuntu still being actively released? Ubuntu 8.04 LTS image? Coreboot/Depthcharge on ASUS Chrombook C201.

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Was someone able to install Ubuntu 16.04 on Samsung Series 3 Chromebox?

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Has anyone gotten chrubuntu to work on an acer c910-c37p? Preferably elementary os.

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So I've been running Chrubuntu on an Acer C710 for the last few years; I only use the machine intermittently but I've been pretty happy with it in general. Unfortunately, I managed to hose the installation badly enough that it thought it'd be easier to wipe & reinstall Linux than fix it... turns out that this is way easier said than done.

I understand that the 'classic' Chrubuntu script is now abandoned; among other things, it seems to be pointing at a dead URL on the Ubuntu website. Is this the only known issue with it, or have ChromeOS updates broken it completely?

Looks like the 'new' replacement for Chrubuntu is chrx, which doesn't support the C710; do I have any other options? Is Crouton still alive?

While my Acer C710 was upgrading to 16.04, the install bricked the machine. Had to do a complete reinstall of Chrome and developer bios. Then tried to install Chrubuntu using scripts s9ryd, tnyga, i817v, and 9sgchs (my origiinal). All broken links (I guess). Tried to install Crouton using script fd3zc. Got error msg "/usr/local/chroots/precise is not an ext filesystem". Has anybody LATELY used a script for either which still works?

Just installed Crouton (trusty) on pixel 2. After update, launcher would not load. Using "$ compiz --replace" would get the launcher, but launcher will disappear on next log-in. Any lasting solutions?
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