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join this communtiy createed by me and promoted here bcause i also promote this community
we also have an rpg forum

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Out on a stroll looking for something to chew on ha ha ha

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AGE: 19 


BREED: Hybrid Dragon Snake Wolf And A Black Tiger With Some Lion Raptor

MATE:  +XxAterlyu_ MoonxX

CRUSH: +XxAterlyu_ MoonxX​ 


WEIGHT: 150pounds

PERSONALITY: Aggressive, Smart, Athletic, Asswhole, Not Afraid To Speak, Cocky, Sad, Distressed 

TRAIT: Agility, Strength

LIKES: Badass people, Blue Eyes, Color Red, An Black, Violet, And Vibrant Colors, And Cursing

DISLIKES: Pink, Peach, Snotty Bitches, AnyThing Stupid

BIO: ??

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Name: creame
Age: 4 moons
Other: can fly

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I'м тo lazy I'м new and тнιѕ тooĸ ғorever!! XD
~First pic~
"Name~ 闇,死 陰,これ
Age~ Unknown
Species~ Death Dragon
Height~ Sizes may vary
Gender~ Female
Mate~ None
Crush~ None
Offspring~ None

~Second Pic~
Name~ 光 生,活
Age~ Unknown
Species~ Life Dragon
Heights~ Sizes may vary
Gender~ Male
Maтe~ None
Crυѕн~ None
Oғғѕprιng~ None
One day lιғe and deaтн were тalĸιng and Līғë aѕĸed Dëåтн "Deaтн wнy do people love мe yeт нaтe yoυ?" In wнιcн Dëåтн reѕponded "Becaυѕe Līғë wнιle yoυ are a вeaυтιғυl lιe I aм тнe paιnғυl тrυтн"
Tнe Yιn Yang тwιnѕ are qυιтe a devιoυѕ paιr тнѕeѕ 2 dragonѕ мoѕтly тaĸe тнιѕ ғorм вυт can тaĸe oтнerѕ вoтн вeιng qυιтe вιpolar aт тιмeѕ тнey нave a ѕpecιal connecтιon тнey alwayѕ ĸnow wнere eacн oтнer are no мaттer нow ғar aparт,Tнey can alwayѕ ιnғlιcт on eacн oтнer'ѕ paιn wнaтever pнyѕιcal paιn one ғeelѕ ѕo doeѕ тнe oтнer,ιn тнaт caѕe тнey rarely ѕeparaтe ғroм eacн oтнer
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Hi I'm the maker of this place

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walks through a field, stalking a deer and falls to the ground after the deer kicked him
argh! stupid deer!
is very mad now and growls

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Name: Twoface
Age: 24 moons old
Gender: female
Pack: none
Rank: none
Mate: none
Pups: none
Crush: secret
Looks like: well you'll see the pic
Personality: almost always keeps her guard up; lonely; hopes to find mate; loves balance; is an extraordinarily good hunter; is a magic user; has a good and evil side; is a good choice of mate; can provide food; wants to be a mom; hates pessimistic people
Bio: I was born in a tribe of natives and was taught the ways of the Great Spirit. I left on my 12th moon to find a pack of my own, which I have not found yet. I am still looking for a family, and I don't want to be lonely anymore

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Name, Violet
age, 736 moons
skills, flying and fighting
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