If anyone wants to battle some raids on community day I'll be at Colonial Williamsburg where there's alot of gyms and pokestopsūü§©

Welcome new members

Has anyone had Pokémon revive overtime without help of revives or potions?

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Please play all the way through pokemon red before you ask if something is rare or good or not........ some of us have lacked social Enterprises because we loved a game and gained knowledge. Now it is a social Enterprise and yall lack knowledge. Time to even the score. Lol. #wewerepokemonbeforepokemonwascoolÔĽŅ

If I can get a lure today or tomorrow morning I will be putting one at 14th and Pine in Waynesboro tomorrow evening. If you are in town or plan to visit, let me know and I'll post the time so you can come and share the monsters.

Definition of frustration? At Walmart surrounded by Pokemon and no Pokeballs.

Howard everyone pokemon journey coming along?

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:) its been a good day some are new and others powered up.
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Here is where I'm at right now
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Catchem all
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