I have a group of third graders who are available on the 21st from 8:45-9:20 Pacific Standard Time, Beaverton, Oregon. We do the usual format of asking questions to guess what state you are in and then do a short Oregon presentation at the end. Please email at anna_vallee@beaverton.k12.or.us, if you are interested. Thanks!

I am looking for a school to do a Mystery Skype or Hangout next Wednesday, March 21st from around 9:05-9:40 am CST (we are a little flexible within that timeframe). This is for a 7th grade Geography class in South Dakota. If you are interested or willing, please email me at tjohanneson@sfcss.org.

I have a 2nd grade class doing their first Mystery Location next week. Before I create some simpler questions for them to use, I wondered if anyone had a list of possible questions for lower elementary students they would be willing to share? Thanks!!!

Help! Just had a cancellation for a connection with 4th grade Mystery Location. Any 4th grade class available to meet with us now? Email: lbertelli@middleboro.k12.ma.us

I have a PD with teachers and would love to do a Mystery Hangout with them and you! Anyone available Wednesday (tomorrow) March 7th anytime between 12:30-2:40pm EST?

I am looking for a classroom in Hungary. My students are doing their Multi-Cultural research on Hungary and I would love for them to see how a classroom looks in the country they are researching. Thanks!

We are a class of 4th grade students in Arkansas searching for a class to complete a Mystery Hangout with. We are open any day next week. 12:30 pm is the best time for us but we are flexible.

Is there anyone that can do a mystery hang out with a sixth grade class in California today? We had one scheduled and it doesn’t seem to be happening.

Hi! I am new to this group! I am looking to connect with a classroom to tomorrow, Wednesday 2/28 in the afternoon between 1:45 and 3:00 EST. Also open to any ideas for a first time class :)


My After School Mile Markers Club is virtually walking up the east coast. Along the way we are stopping to chat with people about their state. Would anyone like to spend 5-10 minutes with our kids? It will be a Google Hangout Q/A session@ 2:40 pm on March 7th...Anyone from NC, Virginia or Delaware?
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