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Rules & How-to


·Everyone can have up to 4 cats, either one can be medicine cat or deputy of one clan
·All the cats can be in different clans
·You may only use one cat for one game
·Please make a cat following the character sheet
·Please use your own art
·If you can't draw your cat you may either request the owner or use a detailed description
·Please don't lie when you are requested to do a skill check
·Please don't break the character sheet rules
·DO NOT kill any cat without permission
·Battles are allowed

Creating a cat
~Simplified the rules from "WarriorsGame-Game rules"~

Please fill the pinned character sheet following the instructions below:

~Give your cat a name!
~You are given 5 points to fill in the category
Strength Intelligence and Spirit.

Represents your cat's physical power.
Cats with higher scores are able to climb, pounce, wrestle, and do other bits of roughhousing better.
<Physical power>

Represents your cat’s general knowledge and ability to figure out solutions to difficult problems.
Cats with higher scores are able to remember things they’ve heard or seen before, figure out ways to successfully deal with new situations, and make complex plans to reach a difficult goal better.

Represents your cat’s general willpower and ability to understand how others feel about different situations.
Cats with higher scores can resisting the temptations of curiosity, anticipating what someone else will do in a given situation, and sensing unseen changes in the world better.

~Chose a clan

~Read more about them at "History of Thunder clan"~

Any cat that is a member of ThunderClan automatically has 1 level of training in the Ponder Skill. When it is time to pick Skills, you may make one of your choices to increase the value of your Ponder Skill from 1 to 2.

~Read more about them at "History of River clan"~

Any cat that is a member of RiverClan automatically has 1 level of training in the Swim Skill. When it is time to pick Skills, you may make one of your choices to increase the value of your Swim Skill from 1 to 2.

~Read more about them at "History of Wind clan"~

Any cat that is a member of WindClan automatically has 1 level of training in the Listen Skill. When it is time to pick Skills, you may make one of your choices to increase the value of your Listen Skill from 1 to 2.

~Read more about them at "History of Shadow clan"~

Any cat that is a member of ShadowClan automatically has 1 level of training in the Sneak Skill. When it is time to pick Skills, you may make one of your choices to increase the value of your Sneak Skill from 1 to 2.

~You have three points to improve your skills by 1.
~You can put more than one point for any skill.

Skills descriptions

(Strength)—This Skill represents a cat’s ability to arch its back, strike an aggressive pose, or otherwise look mean and intimidating. This can be used to frighten away an enemy or, more commonly, as a way to show a Clanmate just how serious you are about a subject. A contest of arching is sometimes used by two or more cats who find themselves in a confrontation but want to resolve the matter without actually fighting.

(Strength)—This is a measure of how much damage a cat can do when Biting an opponent. Because Bites cause so much damage, they are generally only used when hunting for fresh-kill or fighting against wild animals. Even when Clans are in serious battles, warriors usually only fight using Swats and Wrestling. The warrior code makes it clear that Biting is reserved for prey and attacking animals who are outside the warrior code.

(Strength)—The Climb Skill determines how quickly and skillfully a cat can go up a tree, fence, or other obstacle. It also represents how securely a cat can hang on to a branch, tree trunk, or other perch when the wind or an enemy is trying to shake him or her loose. In most cases, cats do not Climb down objects (their claws are not built for that sort of thing). Instead, they usually use the Jump Skill to get down.

(Spirit)—There are many distractions in the world, be they strange noises, pain, other cats, Twolegs, or simply boredom. Focus represents a cat’s ability to concentrate on a certain task and ignore other
distractions. Often, a successful use of the Focus Skill will be required before a cat can use another particularly useful Skill under difficult conditions.

(Spirit)—This represents a cat’s ability to hiss, yowl, and otherwise give voice to his or her anger and other aggressive feelings. It is often used in conjunction with the Arch Skill but can also be used on its own. Hissing is a way of warning nearby cats of approaching danger, or of telling dogs or other animals that you have no intention of running away and that they should only come closer if they truly want a fight.

(Spirit)—Jumping has several uses, but all of them are defensive in nature. When a cat is surprised by something that presents some kind of danger, his or her first reaction is to Jump. A cat will also Jump during battle in an effort to avoid an enemy’s attacks. As mentioned in the description of the Climb Skill, cats generally use the Jump Skill to get down from high places safely. And, finally, in cases where a cat is knocked off or falls from a high place accidentally, the Jump Skill allows him or her to land safely on all four feet rather than uncontrollably crash to the ground and risk a serious injury.

(Spirit)—This skill represents two things. First, the Listen Skill is used to tell if a cat notices a certain sound or noise. This is a crucial part of hunting, not to mention noticing the approach of any unexpected visitors (be they other cats, animals, or Twolegs). Second, because cats’ ears are so sharp, the Listen Skill can also be used to tell them exactly where a sound is coming from and who or what it is (if the sound is familiar).

(Intelligence)—Cats use this Skill to figure out things they have never encountered or been taught before. This can be as straightforward as trying to figure out a way to get past a sleeping dog or over a fence or hedge. It can also be as complex as trying to determine what a new sound or smell means and whether or not it presents a danger. Even when successful, the Ponder Skill only provides a cat with an idea. Making the idea work will often involve some other Skill entirely.

(Intelligence)—This is the Skill used to determine if a cat can notice something using only his or her eyes. Usually this is easier if the thing is moving. See is one of the Skills used during hunting and while patrolling, but because cats also have such sharp senses of hearing and smell, it is not as crucial a Skill as it is for Twolegs. Cats also use their See Skill to tell if anything has changed about a place, thing, or other cat since the last time they encountered it.

(Intelligence)—There are two common uses for the Smell Skill. First, like the See and Listen Skills, a cat can use the Smell Skill to tell if someone or something else is nearby. Because cats’ noses are so sensitive, Smell can identify exactly where the thing is, even if the cat can’t see it. In addition, cats can use the Smell Skill to follow the scent trails that all living creatures leave wherever they go. In this way, the Skill can be used to follow someone who passed by hours or possibly even days ago. However, the older a scent trail is, the harder it is to follow.

(Spirit)—Many situations call for a cat to move undetected: hunting, moving through another Clan’s territory, going past a dog or group of Twolegs. Sneak is the Skill that governs such movements. More than just being quiet or stealthy, the Sneak Skill is a combination of those plus an element of timing and anticipating where your quarry will be looking at any moment.

(Intelligence)—This is the general-purpose Skill used to see if a cat can hit something with his or her paw. In training and roughhouse play, this is done with claws retracted, but in a fight it is done with claws extended in hopes of causing injury. The difference between an ordinary blow and an especially effective one is not a matter of having a higher Strength score, though; it’s one of timing and placement (which is why Swat is an Intelligence-based Skill).

(Strength)—Although most cats are not fond of the water (except those in RiverClan, of course), being able to Swim long enough to safely reach dry land is definitely a useful Skill. While Swimming is not something a cat is likely to do often, when the need arises, it is handy to have trained in this Skill.

(Strength)—Wrestling is a catch-all phrase for the kind of fighting cats do once they are directly on top of each other and too close to rear back and Swat. It is a good way for a larger cat to immobilize a smaller opponent, and also probably the best way for a smaller cat to hurt a larger opponent (since it brings them close enough to use sharp rear claws or, in extreme cases, even to Bite).
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