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Here is the telegram is anybody wishes to join. I kind of want to walk away from Hangouts. Telegram does a lot more for what I'm trying to do. I'll have cards handed out with QR codes at the first Saturday

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I have an idea. Looking for input from other agents before i make a decision. I was thinking of holding the Ingress FS at two different times during the specified event. The later time would be set as the official event time, while the earlier time would just be advertised for those that can't make the official time, but want to participate. I know with people always working, Having families, and just real life things that get in the way, it isn't easy to set a time that everyone can attend. New agents could benefit if they were able to make both times. Also, if a new agents show up to the IFS meet-ups, veterans could do boot-camp at one meet-up, and have a chance to play for the score on the other one.

I have been doing research on this, and I see nothing that states that this is a problem or rule violation as long as the scoring is kept fair, and every agent is only allowed one score submission to the event. Currently I am capable of holding the IFS event on the Sunday after the first Saturday of the week. My thought was to make the official IFS at 6pm Sunday evening, with a meet-up the day before. Agents, would be able to log their score at either meeting, for credit to the community score submission. Both times will be held at the same location. Remote score submission by Veteran Agents, (Level 8+) would only be accepted during the official meetup time.

Agents can show up to event both times. I have several options on how to handle the score submission for the agent.

1)I can set this to where the agent picks the meet-up that they want counted

2)I could allow score submissions for both times with just one meetup counting by allowing the agent to pick their official score,

a) Looking at the score card and choosing
b) Without looking at the score card and choosing

Agents over level 6 would not be allowed to choose. If they participated in the second meet-up time, and logged their scanner, it would replace their first entry. So those agents would have to try harder to get a better scoring then they did the first time, or decide that the first one was good, and not log their scanner.

Please vote your opinion on this move and place any thoughts in the comments.

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Yes, 2 Meet-Ups
No, Only One

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Vote for the Veteran Race Febuary FS
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Please submit a vote for where you would like the Febuary FS to be held.
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Kealakekua-Cpt Cook
Waikoloa Beach

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Could not find the January submission page for IFS, So here is the Data that i Should have to have submitted and the Recap

City *
Kona Hawaii

Country *

How long did your event go for in hours? *
2hours with a 1 hour meetup and a 2 hour hangout after party

How long were players earning AP?

Link to scoring spreadsheet

Please submit a completed official scoring spreadsheet of all agents AP and level Gain. Please make sure the link is publicly accessible. Spreadsheets not in the right format or not accessible will not be included in the Agent Tally

Must be a valid URL
How many Enlightened Agents competed? *

Must be a whole number
How many Resistance Agents competed? *
Must be a whole number
Enlightened AP Gain *

Must be a whole number
Resistance AP Gain *

Must be a whole number
Enlightened Level Gain *

Must be a whole number
Resistance Level Gain *

Must be a whole number
Enlightened km Walked

Must be a whole number
Resistance km Walked

Must be a whole number

Your email address *
A confirmation email will be sent to this address

Must be a valid email address
Notes or comments

2 new agents recruited by IslandMonkie joined the Enlightened, and seemed to be happy with the game. Enjoying themselves as the waled around Kailua-Kona and was taught the game by IslandMonkie. Usurper420 spent most of the 2 hours in different locations then the rest of the enlightened, learning how to kill, link and field. Gem602 was in a company Christmas party, and could not participate until the last half hour. He submitted a screenshot of his profile to the coordinator, and was present at the final moment for score counting. Veteran Resistance Agent Gem602 was the AP winner gaining 92075 AP and was the Trekker winner with 3 KM waked. Congrats. New Enlightened Agent KlittyLitter666 was the level winner by attaining 3 levels in the 2 hours. a impressive jump by a fresh starting player.

On this IFS, Kona was holding Hacker competition. Enlightened Agent KlittyLitter666 was proclaimed the winner with 49 hacks. Congrats. Squanto666, Another new Enlightened Agent, had a dead phone, and followed around. We feel bad that he was not able to play, and hope that everything is fixed for the next event. Congrats agents. You did a fantastic job, the event was fun, and we hope everyone shows up for February.

Pictures posted in the comments.

When I was organizing the first Saturday events before, Saturday was the only day that we were allowed to have the event on. They have changed it up and given me some choices. I can also organize this event on a Sunday. Does anybody think that posting this event on Sunday at 5 p.m. would be a good time? Thank you for your time and input.

Greetings Agents in the Kona and West Side Big Island Hawaii. I would like to invite you to Ingress First Saturday. Here is the details:

Ingress FS Saturday,

January 6th, 2018.

Meet up location
King Kam Anchor

Located slightly west of the Courtyard by Marriott King Kamehameha's Kona Beach Hotel
75-5660 Palani Rd, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740, near the restrooms at the beach.

Portal Intel Link Provided

The event Coordinator will arrive at the meet up location at 6:00p HST. Participants should try to arrive between 6:15p to 6:45p HST, so the coordinator can meet players, log your starting scores, pair new players with veteran players, answer any question, and explain any special competition goals before the event start time of 7:00p. The competition will proceed for 2 hours until 9p where all players will be asked to put their scanners down (stop playing), and return to the meet up portal. Winners for Most AP Gained, Longest Distance Walked, and Most Levels Gained, will be announced as soon as the scores are taken. Prizes will be given to the winners.

During the event, in addition to the AP, Trekker, and Level race that is normally logged, we will also be having a Hacker Competition as well. Players will have their total hack score logged, to see who can get the most hacks in the 2 hour period.

Kona is usually fairly warm, without a lot of rain. With this said, players are urged to bring appropriate gear for unpredictable weather. (Umbrellas, Panchos, Towels, Plastic Bag for your Scanner, or anything that is helpful to play. The event will go on, even if mother nature dissagres.

Ingress FS: Kona Hawaii will have a after party for players that wish to come together and have some drinks, food and talk story. Locations for the after party are usually decided at the end of the event.

Hello from the Bay Area !

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July 2nd 1st Saturday recap:
This month First Saturday was held at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, the primary focus for this event was the trekker badge.
Enlightened outnumbered the resistance two to one for this event.
Volcanoes National Park is the largest area we have chosen to hold the event so far with many missions to be done and beautiful sights to be seen. Each player took off in their own direction to explore the park do missions and get their uniques, 1 resistance agent went on the 4-mile hike around and through Kilauea iki crater (which took longer to complete then event time) While others walked the boardwalk of the sulfer banks, similar small Hikes and explored the visitor centers attractions.

3 agents across both factions tied at 4 kilometers clocked during the event time.
ENL agent Schmend won for AP gain.

After the event and a popped tire (Schmend to the rescue!) Agents enjoyed dinner at one of the towns popular locally owned tai restaurants.

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