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PLEASE READ THIS: (taking races from other games hehe.)
You're in my world now. And things run a bit differently here. Here, allow me to elaborate. You can only respawn three times per dungeon, otherwise it's unlimited and you gain something with each miniboss and lord/lady you fight. _

Profile template:
Level: (out of 100)
Secondary class: (not required)
Bio: (if you want to)

Picture is required.

Kinga Abbadon and Queen Pandora:
_The literal "Power couple" and bosses of this realm. The world is in turmoil due to the evil these two unleashed upon the world with the aid of their Lords and Ladies. If you kill one, the other becomes more powerful and seeks revenge,but, don't worry. If they kill you on all three of your respawns, you are just set back to the beginning of your journey. No biggie. So, make use of the things you gather and bring a lot of healing potions and the such.Now, as you continue on in your roleplay, you may as well work your way up to fight these two, they respawn for the next player anyway and if you beat them, you become a champion and get your name listed on the community. Both are level 100

Lords and ladies:
There are Seven of these in all and each hold their own dungeon and have a miniboss work under them. They receive their orders from the King and queen up until the point you kill them, and that's when you gain whatever they give you. Now, Lords and ladies can play along with your character (in order to create storyline and plot) as undercover agents, their job is to make things harder for the player up until the point in which their dungeon is found, that's when they turn on you. Interesting, no? Oh, and lords and ladies identities are kept secret, so no one knows who is friend or foe. Must be level 90 and up. These characters walk freely in the world. (This is reserved for mods and owners, if you would like to be a mod, please ask but you must give an explanation and do your best to help me manage this community.)

6- Aurnia Donelle (me, she is sixth dungeon master,which means she is one of the more powerful.)

Like the Lords and ladies, they too can befriend the players and betray them. They're from levels 60-90, they walk freely. (Must ask, this position is open for anyone and there are seven slots,also, please list which lord you work under, the slot numbers coordinate with each other.)

For those of you who are the good guys, you're the player. Your character can be whatever level you want and aren't tied to the King and queen. You're part of the Rebellion and you can do whatever you want. You can also choose to be sided with the King and queen, but then you'll be called a minion. Which side will you choose?

Rare Classes/races: (please ask)
Dragonborn- (Dragon mages, Dragon warriors,Dragon masters.) A powerful race born with dragons blood running through their veins. They have access to great strength and power along with the ability to use their bodies to their full extent. They were created through divine means and dragon's fire too protect the royal family. Though, if they are killed, they're hearts remain and they can be summoned to fight for whoever holds it and their true forms may be obtained if one speaks their true name which is etched into the runes upon their heart. (The heart resembles a bright and shining stone and radiates a gentle warmth with each beat.)
Angel- Holy beings trapped in this dark world by evil, the queen and king themselves have a few of the beings as their servants.
Demon- Beings of destruction and chaos (y'all know what an angel and a demon is.)

Normal races:
Night elf

Normal classes:
death knight
demon hunter

Info on classes and races: Not all of the races and classes are here,but a select few are. If you want more information, just look it up.

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Name: War
Age: 21
Race: Nephalim
Level: 100
Class: Warrior
Secondary Class: Freelancer (Due to knowing how to use a lot of weapons)
Chaos Form- War unleashes his inner rage and reveals his true form thus amplifying his power for a short period of time.
Shadowflight- A power gifted to War by the demon lord, Samael. Shadowflight will allow War to fly short distances but can be boosted by updrafts of wind or supernatural forces.
Ruin- War can summon his hellish steed at any time as long as it's in wide open areas and ride on it.
Voidwalker- A supernatural portal gun which has energy beyond reality allowing quick travel between two locations

Abyssal Chain- An otherworldly tool designed for War to pull smaller enemies to him or pull himself to larger foes. Can also be used to traverse across wide gaps and latch onto places that can be grappled to

Earthcaller- Able to knock back foes with a powerful supersonic force or awaken gate guardians.

Crossblade- War's primary ranged weapon which can chain together strikes on multiple foes like a large shuriken boomerang

Mask of Shadows- Allows War to see into the Shadow Realm which shows things nobody else can perceive

Chaoseater- War's sword awarded to him by the Charred Council allowing him to fight through the forces of Earth, Heaven, and Hell.

The Armageddon Blade- A sword forged by the maker Ulthane designated to break the seven seals to trigger the Endwar when the kingdom of man was strong enough to survive. Abaddon ordered the blade destroyed when six of the seals were destroyed but Ulthane reforged it for War in order to destroy Abaddon the destroyer

The Harvester- Death's scythe which can be used by War and has longer range than Chaoseater in order to mow down multiple foes.

Mercy- War's designated handgun given to him by Strife able to shoot his enemies from afar

Fracture Cannon- A gun able to fire off demonic shards and can be detonated which War picked up in The Ashlands from fighting demons

Redemption- A powerful cannon that shoots blasts of heavenly light at enemies which War picked up from fighting angels

Tremor Gauntlet- An otherworldly gauntlet that was found on War's journey when his next target was to kill the Griever. This weapon allows War to destroy obstacles blocking his path or to immobilize enemies temporarily . The gauntlet can amplify its power by charging up more energy in order to have a larger impact radius or more power behind the force of the punch

Abyssal Armor- A majorly upgraded armor that significantly reduces damage done to War but he can still be killed.

War's armor- The armor designated to the Horseman as part of his servitude to the council

Personality: Despite being a horseman of the apocalypse, War is very loyal and chivalrous to his duty as a Horseman and an enforcer of The Law

Enemies: Lord Abaddon and Lady Pandora

Theme song:

I know this sounds kinda weird, but are Nephalim allowed since they're a hybrid of angels and demons. I was planning to be War from the Darksiders games

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A young girl sits atop a building, watching as the newest members of the Rebellion exit the Chamber of Legends. She smiles as she kicks her legs, her blue eyes gleaming with a fiendish sparkle. Now, which one shall a play with first... Her grin widens as her hat casts a deep shadow across her face. She absentmindedly begins to play with her hair, curiously observing these fresh soldiers.
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To the player(enemy): "You're all just weeds growing in the dark garden that my masters so generously sowed."
To the player (defeated): "Ah, looks like I lost. Let's play again sometime..."
To the player (summoned for the first time): "Oh! Looks like I'm yours to command."

Name: Aurnia Donelle (first name means "Golden Lady". Last name means "World Ruler")

True name: Aerosagha (A combination of fiery and gold. Fiery gold or golden fire.)

Age: 16

Race: Dragonborn

Level: 92

Class: Dragon mage

Secondary class: Warrior

Abilities: Fire manipulation (white and blue fire colors.), wind, divine and ice related magics along with the powers of a mage.
And once one defeats her, she can become a mount. She can alternate dimensional spaces to her will but only when she is near ancient sources of power or strong Power sources. The most control she has is when she is in her dungeon.

Special attacks:

Flower burst: An area attack using magical energy to shape and disperse flames. The shape it takes is a flower in which covers a radius of 30 yards all around her. (lasts for ten seconds, take twenty seconds to cool down. If it hits it deals 10% damage)

Divine punishment: Holy arrows rain down from the sky (100% accuracy with a 24 hour cool-down, deals max damage of 50%. Damage can be cut down by shield to around 25%)

Dragon's Wrath: Flames surround the target and erupt, burning the target severely. (cuts down health by 25%, cool down time of 60 seconds.)

Mirror Barrage: Her best attack. It takes the attack that the enemy deals and redirects it back at the target tenfold in close range. It's a devastating attack that takes up 80% of her own health and reduces the opponents health to 5%. It is incredibly accurate.

Holy binding: The enemy is held in place by a net of ribbon-like bindings for five seconds. (100% accuracy)

Extra: High speed attack and defense stats, she also has a large mana pool due to the ancient power source her dungeon is built upon, her mana pool lowers when she is away from such sources. She has three stages,first is with the sword, second is with the spirit dragon, third is with the skeleton dragon. Her attack stats raise each time and once you defeat her you can summon her too your aid. The sword she has is twice the size of her own body, yet she can wield it expertly. Naturally she is difficult to beat, she isn't a High ranked Lady for nothing. Her area is the ancient ruins.

Appearance: exactly like the first picture, she has a childish and cute outlook...but looks can be deceiving.

Personality: At first she seems like a naive and innocent child who's just a little misguided.. but its a ruse to disguise the sadistic and cunning vixen underneath. She loves to fight and enjoys tricking people, she also likes roses,anything pleasing to the eye and treasures (a dragon-like trait). Despite these negative traits, she is extremely loyal to those she is sworn to protect. Her personality can change, she can become kinder and more gentle if shown how.

Bio: Like most dragonborn she was created by a dragons flame and divine magic. The eternal fire that fuels her "heart" is her life force and if one where to hold gain her heart they could easily boost their power. She was raised by the king and queen to enjoy fighting and killing, she became their loyal killing machine.

Battle theme: The red dawn by brunnuhville

some nice info on dragon based magicks (
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What is this?

Profile template:
Level: (out of 100)
Secondary class: (not required)
Bio: (if you want to)

Picture is required.

You can be a miniboss or be a minion of the enemy. You must ask to be a miniboss,though. I will be checking for that.

Kitty you're amazing, I can't wait to hear what this rp is about
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