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Here's the profile layout
God/Godess( like death or ect)
Relationship (if anyone is)
Legions (Royalty, Demonic, Abysmal)
Money (starts at 500 god coins)

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Name- Aiko Akamine
Age- 17
Gender- female
God/Godess- Kitsune
Weapons- katana
Powers- Enhanced Bite
*Enhanced Durability

*Enhanced Endurance

*Enhanced Senses

*Enhanced Hearing

*Enhanced Smell

*Night Vision

*Enhanced Speed

*Enhanced Stamina

*Enhanced Strength

*Environmental Adaptation

*Predator Instinct

*Temperature Regulation

*Claw Retraction

*Decelerated Aging/Semi-Immortality

*Dream Manipulation

*Enhanced Intelligence/Enhanced Wisdom as their age increases.

*Fox-Fire Manipulation


*Illusion Manipulation

*Insanity Inducement

*Life-Force Absorption



*Gender Transformation

*Human Disguise

*Size Manipulation

*Tail Manifestation

Relationship - none
Legions - god
Money -500
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Name- nayumi

Age- looks 16

Gender- female

God/Godess- of shadows

Weapons- bow and arrow

Shadow shot- arrow is laced with a shadow that explodes

Stealth kill- silently killes victim from the shadows

Shadow walker- can walk threw shadows to a diffrent area

Relationship- none

Legions- Gods

Money- 500
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Here's the profile layout
Name: Billie Thompson
Age: 16
Gender: male
God/Godess: guardian angel
Weapon's: a katana and the sheath is a gun
Powers: my blade ,jacket, and hair glow when I absorb demons attacks
Relationship: in a relationship
Legions: god
Money 500
(The pic is what I look like)

nayumi walks out from the shadows into the city of asurath and looks around hmmmm what a diffrent place walks deeper into the city and looks at the stores there hmmm new clothes smiles brightly and turns and bumps into you and we both fall over ouch looks at you i am sorry bows

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Name: asreall shadewalker

Age: unknown looks like 17

Gender: male

God/Godess: god of the abyss

Weapons: his abyss armor

* Abyss seal: darkness consumed the floor and enime is slowed

* Abysmal consumption: the enime is consumed and hurt badly

*Abysmal redemption: a giant abyss skeleton smashed the surrounding area

*Abyss walker armor: armor once worn by proud knights of the abyss

Relationship: none

Legons: Abysmal

Money: 500 gold
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