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Hi guys I'm back posting on here I finally am back using this phone again

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Name: Death
Age: 18
Gender: male
Sexuality: straight
Likes: video games, fire, and training
Didlikes: annoying people
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Hey im new here
name anna
age 16
gender female
sexaulity bisexaul
likes donut's, galaxies, sonic the hedgehog, unicorns and making friend's
dislikes people bulling my friend's

Hey everyone! If u go my galaxy (which is my profile) if u wanna be friend's anyone can be friend. If u are a pervert the fuck off. If anyone tries to fuck with me or friend's i will beat ur ass.

Hope u enjoy my profile

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Hey guys

Hi everyone

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Hm I'm bored

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Sexy rose the bat yeah I know her name I call her rose the bat
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Ok so s Lil sum bout me
Name: Pumzie
Fav color: Black
Fav music: Pop
Likes: Friends and family
Dislikes: Mean people
Son: +Matt The Femboy​
Brother: +Foxy the werewolf​​
Friends: +Kisha The Kitty​​ +Zoe The Wolf​​ +Gray FullBuster​​ +Gray Fullbuster​​ +Michael McCrea​​ +sonic XTANF148​​ and more
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