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Hello guys got some good loud for y'all

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Hemp and Cannabis for Health NGO community + collection Since 2013.
Medicinal use of hemp / cannabis: its products / extracts or applications for added health and restorative cures. Also Private group present.

We do not allow pics/vids of cannabis / plant / leaves or buds in the public section due international laws; risk of being closed and our members in countries as Iran, China and Malaysia. You are allowed to post thees in the not public visible private section. Please share our group with your circles. Please read our " About / Posting Guidleines / Disclaimers " before you post:

Have you heard about the right to retain physical and mental integrity as well freedom of ethical choice ?

Hemp and Cannabis for Health NGO

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The National Cannabis Patients Wall

I.A.C.M. International Association for Cannabinoïde Medicines

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