:l Why does NO ONE roleplay?

P.S apple this is a roleplay thing.

(how do we join?)

I promoted people ik well from thigns (Raineyoct and Sophia) To mods.I can trust them.I have to wait awile Please dont ask to be a mod it spams my notes.i CHOSE who i think should be a mod :) one day the first ten people will be mods k?

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I'll draw my actual OC later.. I don't  have the inspiration right now...
But generally I look like this. My name is Kitsune

WOW! lots of people XD

Ok heres the rules!

1.No cussing! we want to make this RPG fun! so dont cuss.
3.dont takl liek dis during a PR it maks meh angrys and i dont leik it
4.Have fun!

Shadow wlaked around hiding down low he saw another fox whip past him

((Open as allways))

Cloud looked up at you eyes burning.Do we really have to go to a diffrent territory?

((open as allways))

Whisper paced around ears pricked "I hear something" she said to you.A dark shape came in out of the shadows......

((Allways open))
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