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For all archived versions and new releases please visit as the wargaming fortress is depreciated. Remember the core rules for all three versions are free!

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BioSyndrome RPG modern is now live! Come grab a copy of the core rules, they are free! Share with your friends and gaming groups! 

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Mr. Logan has done some RPG version playtest writeups on the facebook page. If you have a few minutes and are interested in a decent zombie thrilled RPG adventure read stop on by! 

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Hey guys. This is a draft of a character sheet for Biosyndrome RPG: Modern edition. Paul asked me to post it. I am helping him release a separate book just for the rpg game.

I have released version 1.99. It is not the latest version I have been working on but does have about 40% more than the 2.0 preview. Feel free to stop by the download section and check it out. Thanks!

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zombie horde contest! unleash your zombies! 

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latest updates! All miniatures have been shipped out and more!

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painted up the first cast of patient zero. I am no master painter or anything here ha! This is to a good table top standard. He is loose on a 25mm base, waiting for my 40mm in the mail. Hope you all like it!

Thank you all for contributing and helping to create a free to download zombie table top game! There are a few people missing (didn't fill out survey yet..). Again, I appreciate the support! I hope you all enjoy the rule book and have fun playing the game! There are in no particular order..

1.       Jordan Cunningham
2.       Matt Luckett
3.       Adam Rosenblum
4.       Tyrone ''r3d tiger'' Tigger Queensborough
5.       Daniel Huckabone
6.       Mach_5
7.       Scott Butler
8.       Rick "Doppelbock" Westbrock
9.       Matthew Cautrell
10.   Wayne Gilbert
11.   Matthew Tracy
12.   Matt "Payback" Wilkinson
13.   Rodney J Kelly
14.   Michael O.
15.   Richard Grabow
16.   CPT Jake
17.   Shannon Keith McPaul ( Raptor Baptist )
18.   Francis A. Thibert Jr
19.   Johnathan L Bingham
20.   Armiesarmy
21.   Zach Puckett
22.   John C. Hanlon
23.   Jeff Becker
24.   Byte
25.   Mike Emrick
26.   Arman Baughman
27.   Christian Torrent
28.   Lord Siwoc
29.   Pier & Sca
30.   Dave Violago
31.   Neo117
32.   Dana "madroot" Fox
33.   Jose Torres aka. Atomico
34.   Burt Silva
35.   Kenny Turman
36.   Mark Stewart
37.   Kian Alden
38.   Angelo D.
39.   Mike Chappell
40.   Kevin J.R. Holland
41.   Philip Hagan
42.   Phil Brown
43.   Craig "feast 4 crows" Johnson
44.   James W. Keller
45.   Richard M.
46.   Chris Steel
47.   Giorgio G. / PEDRAZZI / Rhannon
48.   Timothy Wolford
49.   Erika E.G.
50.   Joshua Weiss
51.   Rick Black
52.   Darren Moroney
53.   Andrew "Barloq" Cowie
54.   Matt Keller
55.   Scott Maynard
56.   Matthew Berard
57.   David Blood
58.   Mike Jones
59.   Richi Paskell
60.   Emmanuel Tng
61.   Lindemann
62.   Simon Hunter
63.   Bob Nolan, aka Varagon
64.   Chris Rose
65.   Lars-Inge Lindbom
66.   Sannop2
67.   Lon A. Porter, Jr.
68.   Leonardo Poni
69.   Mohammad Nur Adli
70.   Victor Bugg
71.   Adam Tierney
72.   David Wright
73.   Dawfydd Kelly
74.   Tay Rainbow
75.   Robert Brown
76.   Kristin Leigh Johansen
77.   Jeremy Smith
78.   Cody Ruth
79.   Samuel Munilla
80.   Daniel Hallifield
81.   Joel Logan
82.   Colm O'Hara
83.   Florian Luckyfer Stumpf
84.   Ray Wingrove
85.   Raffaele Passarelli
86.   Kyngic Vaults Team
87.   Paul F
88.   Marcelo Ferrari
89.   Karl Jepson
90.   Stephen G. Roy
91.   Hyacinth Games
92.   Galen Teschendorf
93.   Jason Ellis
94.   Jon Morin
95.   Christopher Schroeder
96.   Anthony S
97.   Warlord Olaf
98.   Jason Martin
99.   Gareth Jenkins
100. Paul M. M. D. Jacobus
101. Devin Night
102. C.S. Barnhart
103. Matthew Ledgerwood
104. Moylerj
105. Dave Polhill
106. Chris Snyder
107. Mary Murphy
108. Cori Thompson

Sending out surveys to all backers today! Please fill the information out as accurately as possible so I can get you your pledge rewards! Thanks and happy wargaming folks!
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