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Me in my goddess outfit.
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Name: Yuno Gasai
Age: 14
Birthday: Nov 16
Class: 1-B
Diary: Yukiteru
Bio: Yuno was adopted by her foster parents at a young age, her umbilical cord left to her as a present from her original parents, but was kept at the orphanage. Yuno's life was a happy one for several years until the strain of money began to emotionally and psychologically affect her parents. Yuno's father stayed away at work until the late hours and barely interacted with his family. Yuno's mother began to abuse her, wanting her to become the "perfect citizen", eventually locking her in a cage and timing everything she did, from sleeping to eating. Yuno's mother went to the extreme, leaving Yuno to starve and at times force-feeding her inedible materials, although it is implied in the anime that Yuno did this to herself to survive. While Yuno's father was objective to his wife's severe treatment of Yuno, he did little to nothing to stop her. In the anime, Yuno's mother was ill and believed she was a terrible wife and mother, and believed punishing Yuno was her only way to earn happiness.

Eventually, Yuno snapped and managed to imprison her parents in the cage as punishment. However, she neglected to check in on her parents and they starved to death. Not removing the corpses from her house, Yuno began to act like they were still alive and talked to them, her home's electricity cut off due to unpaid bills.

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Name:Yukiteru Amano

Nickname: Yuki


Rank: 1st

Human, God

Age:14, 10,014 (Initialization)


Height:161 cm

Weight:53 kg



Affiliations:Future Diary Holders 
Yuno Gasai 
Keigo Kurusu 
Minene Uryu 
Aru Akise

Occupation:Diary Holder 
Junior High School Student, God of Time and Space

Status:Deceased (First World) 
Alive (Second World and Third World)

Relatives:Rea Amano (mother) 
Kurou Amano (father)

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