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Project Online Community Rules
• Don't Spam
• Don't Steal or Re-Upload without my permission.(Failing to do so results in automatic BAN Forever)
• Don't Claim Mods that are not yours.(Failing to do so results in a BAN for a Month)
• Don't Ask "When is the Release Date?" (BAN for one week)
• Don't take mods from my Project and upload them on GTAInside, GTAAM, GTAALL,etc.(I've worked too hard to make some of them for you to claim them, this results in a BAN Forever)
• Don't Bully other members, especially ME!(BAN one Month)
• Do Share this community with others
• Do provide support for this Project
• Be kind to all members (Includes the Moderator Group as well)
• All Mods here have the credits to their appropriate authors. If I Missed someone contact me!!!
Link to current build:!yclFxZzI!_z4Ck91eIPErFrDwlqA0oBmHUZhmJTNeb1cb15wWVgw

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Hi, I'm new, what do you think about my friends modpack?

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moved onto Nougat. testing will begin shortly

This will be the last year Im here. Next year I will most likely either close down the community or hand off the PROJECT to a dedicated person willing to continue the work.

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New build 1.03 WIP. Expect stability and graphics improvement for multiple devices. Support for most Samsung devices that are running 5.0 and above is now in the package as well.
P.S. Also FYI, while I was gone there is an unofficial HD CJ up on websites. That one is not made by me and is a stolen mod.The only original HD CJ is the one ported and converted by me which is still a WIP
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Seems like no problems with old version so far, except needs support for Nougat Cleo and i want to update some things. Look forward for Deluxo to be added and many more new things
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What should I improve on in the pack?
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Im Satisfied as is

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So happy my mods have gotten nearly 10K downloads!! Look forward to PROJECT appearing on there soon!!

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This People are Harassment ME!
See the video 👉 REPORT this Haters!!!
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It has been decided. The new port will include a brand new character completely made by me. There will be a complete retexturement unlike the previous pack. More stable. F*ck crashes m8s. Nougat support. Social Club support. All new cleo scripts and more
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