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Project Online Community Rules
• Don't Spam
• Don't Steal or Re-Upload without my permission.(Failing to do so results in automatic BAN Forever)
• Don't Claim Mods that are not yours.(Failing to do so results in a BAN for a Month)
• Don't Ask "When is the Release Date?" (BAN for one week)
• Don't take mods from my Project and upload them on GTAInside, GTAAM, GTAALL,etc.(I've worked too hard to make some of them for you to claim them, this results in a BAN Forever)
• Don't Bully other members, especially ME!(BAN one Month)
• Do Share this community with others
• Do provide support for this Project
• Be kind to all members (Includes the Moderator Group as well)
• All Mods here have the credits to their appropriate authors. If I Missed someone contact me!!!


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Have a great Independence Day all! Im working on adding the DLC from it so stay tuned for more updates. Do not forget that the release is as soon as im almost done with the pack.

We need more hype as the release is getting closer! The release is going to be more massive than the Beta or the v1.2! DEVS, the version that I leaked to you will cease to be supported once the Main Build is released. The HaLF BaKED release will be scrapped too. I will contact my beta testers to see what devices can handle it.

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Hehe. Just a little bit of relaxation. Gotta take a break from modding😊
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New Buildings added (Original Author: [Player]_Michelle ) I only ported to SA Mobile
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Very soon i will release my HaLF BaKED Build 1.0. This build is what the current Project Online looks like and will be for testing on different devices. All questions post below👇👇👇 +Jason Chew​ what do you want to suggest to add to the modpack?

Michael and Franklin will be removed from the game. They do not belong in Online and are in no way available there. Also Greenwood will be replaced and couple vehicles will be cut from the game, to make room for cars which are better.

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Finally managed to port GTA V vegetation to SA. (Original Author is YourCreatedHell) Added it all to the pack. I have also ported the building Tequilala from GTA V. Since the vegetation is done for i will move on to pedestrians and more building conversions.
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Even MT.CHILLIAD looks beautiful with the new trees😍
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San Andreas is more beautiful with the new vegetation 
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