I have been using a Vitai hand held transceiver for a few weeks now and am impressed with the build quality.

Why has it been 39 weeks without a post?

Finally Motorola got me sorted out and my MotoTrbo CPS is on order.

Just received my new MotoTrbo XPR7550. Waiting to get it programmed so I can see how it functions.

What are the most active DMR G+ groups?

TIA ES 73,

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Moja Hytera dostała nowe logo :-D

Anyone have an SL7550 that at some point in firmware updates noticed the bluetooth audio function disappeared? 

Hello, first of all sorry for the spelling but I do not know perfect English :)
My name is Przemek, my character is SQ1FYZ and I am a radio amateur from Polish. I'm just beginning to play with the DMR and we would like with colleagues in Poland DMR network but do you know the costs are large, I question whether there is already something like a Node in d-star for DMR?
I've seen various network projects such as DV3000DS, DVRPTR but I have not seen anywhere firmware for DMR. Not necessarily użądzenie must decode the audio, the idea is to przepuszczało DMR signal to the network and back. Please, hints, and to share your knowledge :)
  Thank you in advance. Przemek SQ1FYZ

I'm quite disappointed I've not heard a single person on simplex Trbo in leicestershire yet.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: NEW GROUP: c-Bridge and Repeater Owners

If you are an owner or manager, you are welcome to join the group.  If you are interested, the group is public.

More info on the CBRO group is at DCI:  http://www.trbo.info/dci/cbro.html
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