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The Odyssey of Stubborn Persistence:
So anyways, here you see Climbing Fern.  SInce it is February and all of our outside native plants are asleep right now, this is my "work" project, and boy and I learning a lot!! When this fern is in its fullness, there will be many lacey, angel-like fronds flowing down from the skylight in our sunroom here in Kentucky, USA. Right now, however, I am in a "discussion" with one of the climbers. Last night, "I" thought it would be a good idea if it climbed "that way" so I twined and twined around the trellis... When I took a look this morning, it had completely unfurled itself as if to say "uh-UH"!! 
      Knowing when to step in and when to let go...Remembering over and over again that the natural world has had a LOT more time to figure things out than we humans have... Learning to let some things unfold without intervention...Letting others make their own mistakes and take their own consequences...For many of us, it's a continuous, and very conscious act of awareness and balance, and one of the greatest challenges is learning when it is time to walk away and then DOING it.
Peace and many blessings of soul and life to you today!!
Anne Milligan.
February 16, 2014.
Kentucky USA

A little clarification about this page:
Soulful Gardening is NOT a page for religious propaganda.
Soulful Gardening IS a page for learning how nature and gardening "feeds" our soul and helps us learn and grow. No more explanation is needed. If you "get it" come aboard and WELCOME... If you don't "get it" we'll see ya later and many good things to you over there..... Peace.

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