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Name: Luke unknown
Age: 18
Gender: male
Race: human/pony
Bio: Luke was a slave to reaper until he meet's up with +Fenix prower the hedgefox  after meeting him he wanted to be free so he want out and is helping to free overs
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Name: the metalhogs

Bio: the metalhogs are an army of robots with only one goal: protecting mobius. They have metallic replicas of nearly half of mobius. There commanders are +Darkstar The hedgehog​, +metal sonic Neo 2.0​ and +Neoette The Blue Fox​. The one known as Neoette has a squad: the mobius defence squad. She leads the team of 4: metal clash, metal scar and metal Fiona.

Age: ageless

Gender: many genders

Powers & Abilities: many powers

Weapons: blasters, swords, pretty much any weapon.
((Don't have a picture but I need one of everyone in mobius as a robot))

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Name: King Sonic the Hedgehog (Vampire)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Blue Hedgehog
Leader: Freedom Fighters
Wife: Sally Acorn
Mother: Queen Aleena
Father: King Jules (Dead)
Brothers: Manic the Hedgehog, Miles (Tails) Prower
Sisters: Sonia the Hedgehog and Sally Flare
Friends: Amy, Knuckles, Cosmo, Tikal, Rouge, Shadow, Silver and Blaze, +Shadz the hedgefox ,and +Scar the fox
Team: Team Sonic and The Freedom Fighters
Raise: Mobius
Powers and Abilities: Super Sonic, Dark Sonic Hyper Sonic, Dark Super Sonic, Dark Hyper Sonic, Sonic.Exe, Sonic Speed, Sonic Spin(Spin Dash), Chaos Control, Chaos, and Chaos Blasts
Weapons: Sword
Likes: Chili Dogs, Running, Chilling, Hangout With My Friends, Saving The World, Making My Friends Happy, Blue, Video Games, and Base Ball
Dislike: Water, Talking about my Family, Losing, Not Running, Seeing my Friends hurt, and Dr. Eggman
Skills: Playing the Guitar, Skating, Gliding, Skiing, and Running
Weaknesses: Hydrophobia(Fear of Drowning), Claustrophobia(fear of small places), Seeing My Friend Sad or in Pain, and My Losing Friend
Bio: Sonic the Hedgehog (fastest thing alive) and his sidekick Miles" Tails" Prower. Tails change my life around. Me and Tails stops Dr. Eggman and Dr. Julian Snively and their's evil schemes and plots.

+Shadz the hedgefox Hello there and also +Red Sonic Jr/Black Bangs/Red Jr/Fiona Foxie/Clover Thanks for the invite

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welcome to the blood alliance... a guild and area of rivarly.

the rules are simple ( no troll ,hate, ect)
there the rules are done... pretty much your free to do anything
oh and we can revive dead if you die it's not permanent so don't worry... 

so have fun!!!

Testing... Testing...

Walks around with a black-lit lantern, strolling around aimlessly. With a sinister smile

I'm here....
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